Letters for the week of July 25

Jul 25, 2012

Reading is important, Phyllis Schlafly is not

Dear Editor,

The letter regarding the importance of teaching children to read mentions Phyllis Schlafly (or for those of us who have a brain, Phyllis Gadfly) [“Teach your children to read,” The Beacon, Letters, page 4, July 18].

She fought against the Equal Rights Amendment (equal rights for women), right along with the John Birch Society, she touted the glory of women staying at home, all the while abandoning her family to promote her own causes.

She promotes abstinence only curricula in schools (and we know how successful they are), is against contraception for the unmarried, and is against condom distribution as an HIV prevention strategy.

What a narrow-minded old bat.

I wholly support the teaching of reading to kids; it gives them a window to the world and a place to escape to at times.

Hopefully when they read about Mrs. Gadfly, they will shudder, and be thankful that more normal beliefs will prevail.

Elaine Knapp,


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