Letters for the week of June 5

Jun 05, 2013

Support grows community garden

Editor, The Beacon:

How do Mukilteo businesses and the Mukilteo Community Garden connect?

Through membership in our Chamber of Commerce and our mutual caring for the people of our community.

Recently Harbour Pointe Residential Retirement and Assisted Living sponsored a shredding of old documents free to the community. For the second year, Judith Strand of Harbour Pointe Retirement organized this "paper party" complete with fresh baked cookies (still warm) and goodie bags for all.

Judith invited the Community Garden to assist and to receive any donations. She also featured our food bank gardens in her advertising.

We thank Judith and Harbour Pointe Retirement for their support of the garden's mission.

Volunteers from the garden had a grand time and plan to return next year. Judith plans to move the shredding date up to just after April 15 tax time.

See you next year,

Lois Brown,


Mukilteo Community Garden

7,000 attend Aviation Day

What a great kick off to the summer flying season! We had more than 7,000 people come out for Paine Field Aviation Day. With all the activities going on it was hard to take in everything.

The Paine Field Fire Department had a successful Fly Day 5K and Charity Pancake Breakfast. The kids activities were very popular with everything from alligators (The Reptile Man) to airplanes.

The Young Eagles flights were a hit with more than 270 kids flying. We added an Air and Land display matching vintage cars and aircraft this year.

With the traditional aircraft displays, flying, music, and displays there was something for everyone. We hope all who attended enjoyed the day.

To learn about the other activities and the summer Fly Days at Paine Field check out the website www.visitpainefield.com.


Dave Waggoner,

Airport Director,

Paine Field

‘Fill the boot’ for the MDA

Fill the Boot, an annual firefighter fundraising event, will be held on June 14 at the Washington State Ferry holding lanes and at QFC, 11700 Mukilteo Speedway, both in Mukilteo.

Help your local firefighters raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Look for your firefighters in their bunker gear, boots, and MDA T-shirts between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The International Association of Firefighters (www.iaff.org) and the Muscular Dystrophy Association (www.mda.org) have been partners since 1954 in a fight against more that 40 neuromuscular diseases.

The firefighters help MDA year-round through activities such as Fill the Boot, lock-ups, softball tournaments and other special events. Many firefighters also serve as counselors and volunteers at MDA summer camps.

Last year, your Mukilteo firefighters were able to raise more than $11,694 with 25 firefighters and families volunteering their time. This year we hope to beat that amount.

Your Mukilteo firefighters would like thank you for last year’s donations. They hope to see you this year and look forward to your continued generosity.

Kelli McNees,

MDA Coordinator,

Mukilteo Firefighters,

Local 3482

Library Friends celebrate their 50th

The Friends of the Mukilteo Library will celebrate their 50th anniversary on Saturday, June 8, from 2-4 p.m. in the library's meeting room. All Friends and the public are invited. Refreshments will be served.

Starting with just eight members on July 9, 1963, the Friends were very instrumental in helping to start the first library on 2nd Avenue in Old Town. Their efforts to return a library to Mukilteo in 1998 were very important.

Over the 50 years since that first meeting, the Friends have supported all three libraries by funding programs, donating books and needed items, and taking part in community celebrations.

Please join us and learn our history. We look forward to seeing you.

Pat Colyer,

Friends of the Mukilteo Library

Speedway crosswalk is dangerous

I am concerned about the safety of pedestrians crossing the Mukilteo Speedway to use the walking path up Paine Field Boulevard.

I have almost been hit twice by vehicles turning right at that intersection by Staybridge Suites as I’m walking across the street either to go up the hill on the path or coming down.

The first time there was a utility vehicle that is quite high, and while he did slow down and may have stopped, he didn’t see me and continued to turn right even though the light was still red for those going south on the Speedway.

I even felt the vehicle brush my coat, and I know he never did see me, he was sitting up so high. I was shocked, as I assumed he would stop and not go until the light turned green, which is what was supposed to happen.

This past week, as I was walking the same route, a car was traveling south on the Speedway, wanting to turn by the Staybridge Suites. He didn’t even slow down or look to see if someone was in the crosswalk.

I was almost at the corner by the hotel when he turned right, right in front of me. I anticipated that and actually felt like throwing my water bottle at the car to get his attention, but I restrained myself. I realized that would accomplish nothing.

The car in one lane over even honked to get his attention, but he didn’t notice. Now I don’t assume people will stop, so I’m more watchful.

When I was telling my friends, who also live in Mukitleo, about my close call once again and mentioned there was a sign there, they had never noticed it. So I took them down to the intersection to show them.

The sign needs to be lower and closer to the corner prior to the actual turn. I might also point out that the sign doesn’t specify, “No right turn on red.” It just says no turn on red. Apparently, it needs to be specific for some folks.

My concern isn’t my safety alone, but people of all ages who use that intersection to cross the Speedway. Some day, someone is gong to be seriously hurt unless this is taken care of, I’m afraid.

The sign should be lower at eye level and closer to the intersection, if not prior to the intersection.

Thank you,

Bonnie L. Beckley,


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