Letters for the week of March 20

Mar 20, 2013

The consequences of commercial air service

Editor, The Beacon:

Last week, we had a serious incident involving the Dreamlifter that had hydraulic problems and needed to return to Paine Field. There was enough fuel onboard to fly to Japan and that fuel was dumped before an attempted landing for safety reasons.

The next morning’s news stated that the plane flew around Puget Sound while dumping fuel. This is just another reason to not allow commercial air service at Paine Field.

The more planes we have flying in and out, the more chances of emergency situations.

We don't need fuel dumping in our sensitive Puget Sound more than we already experience. It is understandable in this circumstance, but let's not encourage more.


Betsie Snoey,


Voting for a levy

If a Japanese Gulch levy passes, there are going to be some people paying taxes for something they agree with or don’t see some benefit from their taxes that they have to pay.

Sports that require buildings, land, new roads, etc. benefit a small percentage of the taxpayers and make usually large profits for the owners, players and advertising.

While doorbelling for the Japanese Gulch, I could tell before even talking to the homeowner that they were not interested in parting with their tax dollars. They have a right to feel that way. I don’t like to pay taxes either for something that I don’t believe in.

I look at the Japanese Gulch property a little different than a sports arena, and I hope that the public in general realizes the benefits to the public. We can use it as a park for everyone without having to buy a ticket each time we enter.

Anders F. Jacobsen,


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