Letters for the week of May 1

May 01, 2013

We can run, walk or fly

Editor, The Beacon:

Given the overwhelming response to the UKnight for Autism fun run held at Kamiak High School on April 20, we continue to soar [“Fun run promotes autism awareness,” The Beacon, front page, April 10].

All Aboard, a grass roots organization that provides activities for adults with special needs, was chosen by Joey Davis and Andrew Weyers who are seniors at Kamiak to be the recipient of their unbelievable efforts to coordinate a run in honor of a classmate with autism.

It is our understanding that they not only originated the idea and chose an April date being national Autism month, but also found sponsors, recruited more than 50 volunteers, designed a safe course for all participants, and provided a fun morning for all.

In addition, they cleverly posted informative facts regarding autism along the course. Great idea!

For All Aboard, we benefited in many ways beyond the sizeable monetary donation, which will primarily go toward supporting participants on scholarships as well as our annual Mukilteo beach picnic on Aug. 23.

We not only had the opportunity for some of our clients that walk or use a wheelchair to participate in the race, but also join Joey and Andrew in promoting a “disability friendly” event in our community.

We are honored to have been chosen. Thank you again Andrew, Joey, your friends, family, Kamiak staff members, Trevin, QFC, Road ID, Run 26, Endurance Sports Northwest and all others who contributed to this event.

Every community has their list of Hometown Heroes and these gentlemen’s names need to be included.

We wish you and your families the best as you graduate from Kamiak, transition to college and experience the next phase of life’s journey.

With “ soaring” smiles and hugs of appreciation, and on behalf of All Aboard members and participants,

Renee Jones,


Autism run gives hope

I'm from Boy Scout Troop 18 in Everett. The story you published on the two boys who organized a fun run for autism and Asperger’s at Kamiak High School interested me.

My two cousins have autism. They have had this condition their whole lives, and with it have had to take special classes because their learning abilities are not on par with other kids their age.

It’s been hard on me to see them go through all these challenges by themselves with their teachers. I feel that this condition needs to be under the spotlight, so other kids can get help like them.

With this story, my goal of seeing them in class with normal kids may have a chance of blossoming.

Antonyo Mitchell,


Help stop construction at Lake Serene

Sundquist Homes is trying to get Snohomish County to allow permitting for the construction of more than 75 houses at Lake Serene.

They have already made offers to two of my neighbors for more than $450,000 per house. They will not go through with the sale until the county permits it.

The construction of these houses is very concerning to me for several reasons:

• Destruction of animal habitat

• Increased traffic and noise on an already highly trafficked road

• Trespassing on privately owned lake property

• Decreased property values

• Ugly construction

Lake Serene is very near and dear to the Mukilteo community. The People should have a say on what goes on in their community.

I feel strongly that our community can make a difference, as this same community saved Goat Trail Park. Please help us in our efforts.

Thank you,

Sonja Voice aka Sonja Wanichek,

Serene Lake

Kudos to Frank the Man

Excellent column [“42,” Frank the Man, Beacon blog, April 21]! (This, from an American who isn't a baseball fan!) Now I'll have to go see "42".

Looking forward to the day when a similar column and a similar movie will be made about the first gay athlete in a major sport to come out.

Nathaniel R. Brown,


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