Letters for the week of May 2

May 02, 2012

School district should reconsider cuts to library staff

Dear Editor,

I am 10 years old and in the Summit program at Mukilteo Elementary. I am writing to tell you about changes happening in the Mukilteo School District. (Each elementary school will have a part-time librarian on a random schedule as opposed to a full-time teaching librarian position.)

I shared the following thoughts at the Mukilteo School Board meeting held April 24.

I remember back in kindergarten at Picnic Point, my librarian was Mrs. Miller. When I heard that Mrs. Miller was only going to be at Picnic Point part-time, I was shocked!

“Why,” I asked my mom. She told me that the school district has $11 million in reserves that they are saving it. What for? I wondered. She didn’t know.

In kindergarten I was reading at a third-grade level and was not challenged by the books in my classroom. Mrs. Miller invited me to come to the library and check out chapter books. She introduced me to the Box Car Children, Nancy Drew and many others.

As I got older, I was reading at a junior-high level, and it was important for Mrs. Miller to pick out appropriate books for me. Since I was reading at such a high level, I used to think that I stuck out, but Mrs. Miller assured me that she was just like me when she was younger. That made me feel special instead of nerdy. This started a special relationship between us.

This past Friday, I was looking for a book in a series I was reading. I went after school to the Picnic Point Library and Mrs. Miller knew exactly what I was looking for and where to find it – she is always there for me.

At my school, Mukilteo Elementary, our librarian is part time. It is difficult for me because we don’t get much time to check out books and be in the library. I miss being able to come to the library and learn how to use books and the computer as research tools. We used to learn about how to be safe on the Internet and how to use books and the Internet as tools for making great reports.

My new librarian is very nice, but I’m not sure she knows my name.

I’m only one child writing to you, but I’m very sure if you went to Picnic Point and talked to the teachers and kids you would realize what a terrible decision this is for our schools.

How can the librarians run two elementary school libraries at the same time? That’s 600 names in 2012, now it will be 1,200! I hope the school district and the school board will reconsider this decision.

Sarah Neumeister,


Garage sale raises nearly $5,000 in scholarships

Dear Editor,

It was another successful year for the Aaron’s garage sale fundraiser!

So many thanks to all of you who came to help us, stopped by to say hello, donated funds or items and, of course, to those who send love and prayers across many miles.

As of Monday, Aaron's Garage Sale fundraiser raised $4,922!! We are so very grateful to all of you.

Today is the application deadline and we will soon be gathering with friends and family to read applications to choose the receipts that will get the scholarship. The names of the students will be posted on www.aaronzaratescholarship.com, if you would like to check that out.


Many blessings,

Lisa Zarate,


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