Letters for the week of Nov. 28

Nov 28, 2012

Right and wrong about Paine Field

Editor, The Beacon:

To the gentleman who is "Sick of higher taxes" and thinks scheduled air service at Paine Field will solve his problem with more tax revenue to Mukilteo: You are right and wrong [Letters, The Beacon, page 4, Nov. 14].

You are wrong because Paine Field is owned and operated by Snohomish County and based in Everett, so much of the tax revenue would go to those jurisdictions, not to Mukilteo.

But you are right to the extent that new air service WILL dramatically lower property values from the noise, pollution, congestion, etc. around here.  And lower property values means lower tax revenues for the city.

Of course, it means homeowners take a big hit on any equity in their homes, too.  This isn't the best way to lower your taxes, is it?

Greg Hauth,

Vice President,

Save Our Communities

Sounder North doesn’t make sense

This piece is so devoid of common sense that it defies belief [“3 cities unite to support Sounder transit service,” Guest View, page 4, Nov. 21]. Why would more than a tiny few commuters ever want to be dumped off in the south end of Seattle, miles away from most employment and commercial centers?

And does anyone remember the landslide that dumped a cargo train full of mail into Puget Sound just south of Edmonds? It was only in the mid ‘90s! A 48-hour precautionary period after landslides is being lifted?

Really? Have you seen the near-vertical cliffs of sand that tower more than 100 feet above these tracks? A $16 million grant is not going to fix that? Crazy! Those tracks are unsafe in the rainy season. Period.

Finally, I'd ask the mayors to identify the real cost of conveying a passenger from Everett to Seattle round-trip on Sounder and report that to us. Just let me know if I'd get ANY change back from a couple of $100 bills.

Shuttle Express would be MUCH less expensive for taxpayers to subsidize and that would be for door-to-door transportation service! These mayors and Sound Transit have no ability to look at public expenditures with anything but their own schemes in mind.

They've invested, or plan to invest, vast sums in train stations and they've long since lost all perspective on Sounder as a viable transportation option for the north end!

John Troy Baker,


Cub Scouts food drive a success

I would like to thank everyone in the community that donated to the food drive over the weekend at QFC (Nov. 17-18) and helped make the Cub Scouts’ efforts a success.  I would also like to thank QFC for their continuing support.  The outpouring of generosity from our community is extraordinary and will help families at a time when it is needed the most.

Brian Bodge,


Pack 16,


French bakery is a treasure

Several issues past there was an article in the Mukilteo Beacon that referred to Mukilteo businesses struggling and sometimes being forced to close because of diminished parking or revenue.

As a lifelong resident of this community, I felt saddened by such news, since as the city has grown I have welcomed the increased diversity of shopping and restaurant opportunities.

Consequently, I have decided to mention one new enterprise I've intended to praise for quite some time because I don't want to see this treasure go the way of other new businesses that fail before they become firmly established.

Last spring, Mukilteo was gifted with the arrival of L'Artisan French Bakery, an event that was heralded in this newspaper.  Its sister bakery has been a long-time popular fixture in Silver Lake and has been one of my family's favorite lunch choices for several years – that Mukilteo was chosen as a second location seemed miraculous.

Located at 700 3rd St., directly across from Rosehill's expansive north-facing windows, it is a tiny gem which offers a daily choice of French bread, and an inviting array breakfast pastries (the almond croissant is my current favorite), and an exquisite offering of dessert pastries that sparkle like hand-crafted jewels as they tempt the palate.

Choices may vary from day-to-day, and some are seasonal depending on the availability of fresh ingredients.  There are also a number of larger tortes and cakes, which are perfect to celebrate a variety of occasions.

Serving the lunch customer, there is a menu that consists of several sandwich choices, including a vegetarian option.  All are served on a crusty French roll and can be ordered as a lunch "special," including a beverage and choice of pastry.

These are served as box lunches for take-out, or may be eaten at either of the two tables on the patio, weather permitting.  The serving staff is welcoming, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, and more than willing to answer questions about any of the items.

Knowing that we were going to host a large family luncheon this summer, my husband and I chose a number of pastries to bring home for a perfect dessert.

When faced with the rich assortment of exquisite pastries, our 4-year-old granddaughter exclaimed: "They are so beautiful!  Are we lucky to get to eat them?!"

I feel like that myself every time I enter the bakery!  Current (winter) hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

This is a place well worth a visit; it is a Mukilteo blessing that would be a shame to lose!


Jamie Richter Stockton,


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