Letters for the week of Sept. 25

Sep 25, 2013

Money bag lost

Editor, The Beacon:

On the afternoon of Sept. 9, a small, gray Bank of America bag was lost in the 8200 block of the Mukilteo Speedway near an espresso stand parking lot.

The bag contained cash along with receipts clearly indicating the ownership of the contents as belonging to the local non-profit Kiwanis Club of Mukilteo. The money was for our scholarship fund.

The club is offering a reward for the return of the bag and contents to Bank of America or the Mukilteo Police Department.

The loss of property has been reported to the police department, which is conducting an investigation.

Darlene Conklé,

Mukilteo Kiwanis Club

Taxpayers don’t want chip seal

I notice that the letters concerning problems with chip seal continue, yet no action has been taken by the city.

We were originally told that chip seal just needed time and it would be fine. That hasn’t happened.

We have been told that it is much less expensive than other methods. Really? How can something that never really works in the first place be less expensive? Did the city perform a valid cost analysis? Were multiple bids for the work done?

Based on the results, if either of these were done, the process must have been flawed.

At this point all I know is we (taxpayers) are out the money it costs for the chip seal, our roads are maybe a step above a gravel road, and the only one I have heard say it was a good idea is the city.

Please listen to the taxpayers and voters of Mukilteo and devise a plan to repair the roads that were in better shape before you “fixed” them.

Victor Coupez


Elliot Pointe Homeowners Association,


Mukilteo fortunate to have Joe

Even though we don’t live in Mukilteo, we have many friends and relatives who make their home there. We love that little jewel by the water.

Since Joe Marine has been the mayor there, we have noticed many wonderful changes that have taken place. Joe is not only a fine individual, honest, fair and hardworking, but also a person of integrity, good leadership and a man with a vision.

I think the people who reside in Mukilteo are very fortunate to have a person of Joe’s caliber guiding the council and the people. I know that one person can’t do everything single handedly, but great and strong leadership is worth merit.

We love the village, the new buildings, parks and roads and the beautiful landscaping. It’s a neat place to live and visit.

Thank you, Mayor Joe Marine!

Ernest R. Brockman,


Gregerson’s education gives her a leg up

Jennifer Gregerson is uniquely qualified to be mayor.

To begin with, Jennifer has had a stellar local education, including the Summit program at Fairmount Elementary culminating with graduation from Kamiak High School.

She then acquired a bachelor’s degree from New York University in Manhattan and ultimately returned home to the Northwest and received a master’s degree in city planning from the University of Washington.

All of this education gives her huge windows for problem solving and interfacing with the wide variety of people living, working and crossing her path in day-to-day dealings in our city.

She is a creative thinker and open to divergent options for our beautiful home.

And, of course, her commitment to MUK speaks for itself.

With urban planning problem solving skills and ideas for future growth, both on the waterfront and inland, her connections at the university helped her to create powerful problem solving skills and ideas for future growth.

If elected, she’ll refocus on public safety and cut waste and overhead at City Hall and continue to implement legislation to continue to access our waterfront, and make sure we have a park-and-ride in Mukilteo.

I have known the Gregerson family for some time and after watching Jennifer cut her teeth on the nuances of city government for quite a few years, I have no doubt whatsoever that she will be an exemplary mayor with a kind heart, open mind and a brilliant brain.

She is in a league of her own.

Dana Ruth Wilber,

Retired Educator,


Mukilteo needs Terry Preshaw

I endorse Terry Preshaw for City Council this November, without reservation.

Terry is well informed on local history; indeed she has been a part of it for years.

She knows the issues. (Visit her website at HYPERLINK "http://www.courage4coucil.com/" www.courage4council.com.)

A practicing attorney in international law, she is exceptionally well prepared, by intellect and training, to analyze and understand the several challenges now facing Mukilteo. She will be an important part of the search for best solutions.

Her values, most especially her focus on justice and honesty, make her presence in city government essential. Terry is trustworthy.

All of these will bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the anaerobic, acidic  environment now defining city government.

I know Terry to be dedicated to Mukilteo’s well-being.

Most importantly, Terry is committed to truth and has the courage to diligently, relentlessly stand up to the several entrenched individuals in Mukilteo’s current administration and some recumbent members of City Council who, perhaps unwittingly, impede Mukilteo’s progress to its best possible future.

In my opinion, these are among the best reasons to vote for Terry Preshaw, City Council position No. 1 this November.

Scott  Casselman, MD,


Thanks from Lions Club

Another fantastic Lighthouse Festival and our second Hot Dog Eating Contest is in the books. Thanks to all the folks who consumed hot dogs during the three-day event and to Arnies for donating the dinner certificate for the winner of the contest.

The profits help with many of our projects in the Mukilteo community like: eyeglasses and hearing aids for the needy, Lions Quest program, our scholarship fund for ACES High School and used eyeglasses collection for Third World Countries.

Drop off your used glasses in the collection box in the post office.

Lions SightFirst grants have provided more than 7.3 million cataract surgeries worldwide and prevented serious vision loss for 27 million people.

Paul Luczyk,

Mukilteo Lions Club

Nighttime 5K raises $6,000

This is an open letter to Mukilteo residents and businesses:

Thank you for your support during our Run From the Cops event on Sept. 13. The nighttime 5K brought 113 runners, 45 volunteers, five athletes from the local Mukilteo Magic team and raised nearly $6,000 for Special Olympics of Washington.

We were supported by our friends Jeanmarie Trapp (John L. Scott Realty), Marvella McCammond (Celtic Coffee), Dan Harbeck (Get Distilled Water) and Shannon McCarthy and Julie Martin (Chamber of Commerce) along with a host of police officers, firefighters and police department volunteers coming together to make a terrific event team!

Special thanks to the Mukilteo Beacon for their continued support and help getting the word out.

This is yet another example of the way this wonderful city and its residents come together to help each other. We are already planning for next year’s event!

Rex D. Caldwell, Chief of Police,

Mukilteo Police Department

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