Letters for the week of Sept. 4

Sep 04, 2013

The truth about Mukilteo

Editor, The Beacon:

I thought I lived in a wonderful place, then I read the letters in the Beacon.

It seems the streets are paved with tar and stones, and that’s a terrible thing [“Chip seal is unacceptable” and “Chip seal – it really doesn’t work,” Letters, page 4, Aug. 28].

I didn’t realize this was so bad; I’ve lived in places where the streets were mud.

It seems the schools are just too big, how would I have guessed [“Why elementary schools are bursting at the seams,” Letters, page 4, Aug. 28]?

They look so fine, and I’ve lived where the schools were only shacks. The teachers taught my boys so well; I’ve lived where folks could barely read.

Now I know the ugly truth; I read it in the Beacon.  Mukilteo’s just a mess.

Perhaps the letter writers will soon move out, and find a better place.

Joe Iozzi,


Editorial cartoon is insulting

I have noticed a certain diminishing quality in the editorial cartoon selection as of late, but the one published on Aug. 28 is simply insulting [“Voter Suppression Laws,” The Beacon, Cartoon, page 4].

First off, there are no “voter suppression laws” in the United States. There are legitimate laws that hold people accountable to prove that they are who they claim to be.

With an open border policy, pending amnesty for illegal immigrants, and the ease with which voter fraud can be accomplished today, especially with all-mail balloting systems like Washington's, states and municipalities have not only a right but a responsibility to prevent ineligible voters from voting and skewing the results.

For shame on the cartoonist for expressing such a falsehood as truth.

Secondly, Eric Holder has shown repeated and continual contempt for both the Constitution and the rule of law. He has been proven to be applying the laws unequally and usurping power that does not belong to the Justice Department.

To portray this extremely corrupt man as some kind of guy with “a dream”  ignores the undeniable truth about his tenure in office.

I hope that the editorial board of The Beacon will start choosing more suitable, reasonable and accurate depictions of sensitive political subjects, instead of just following the left-most line possible when examining a controversy.

Fred Taylor,


Joe Marine has a vision

I am a relatively new Mukilteo resident. I would like to offer an opinion in regard to the upcoming mayoral contest. Here’s what I’d like to say:

I moved to Mukilteo with my small manufacturing company in March of this year. I’ve always been involved with my community. The Pacific Northwest as typified by the community of Mukilteo has been my retirement dream.

I hope that my comments as a newcomer regarding the mayoral contest can have value to seasoned residents.

I like Joe Marine. I come from a city that was “shy” on investing funds for quality brick and mortar. It was bad planning. I see the little signs along the road touting “wasted taxpayer dollars” regarding Mr. Marine.

One man’s waste is another man’s longterm vision, and I think Joe Marine has exhibited vision. We should keep him.

Steve Williams,


8 years is enough

I am writing to support Jennifer Gregerson for mayor of Mukilteo.

I have attended more City Council meetings than I can count in the last eight years, and consider myself an expert when it comes to handling yourself with Joe Marine.

When you disagree with him, he will personally attack you and ask numerous questions as to why you feel that way as a way to “bully” you away from what you are passionate about. I’m not the only one who has been bullied like this.

I have come before the council with several concerns, only to have Marine disregard them, which causes most of the council to follow suit.

Just once has the entire council supported a concern of mine and agreed to try to do something about it. It has been at least nine months since that happened, and I am still waiting for results.

I wrote to the council to thank them for their support, and had hoped for at least a ‘You’re welcome,’ only to find out that the mayor rules with an iron fist and does not allow the council to respond. How is that OK?

I, for one, am tired of his rants about the very citizens he is supposed to represent and serve.

I have spoken to my friends and neighbors, and the consensus is that it is time for Joe to go. Eight years is long enough.

We are tired of having money spent without a thought or care that we cannot afford a mortgage payment as high as it is for the Rosehill Community Center – oops, that would be the "wedding chapel" in Old Town.

We don’t have a gymnasium as was promised, nor do we have tennis courts that were promised with a new community center.

There should also be term limits for the mayor position and a smaller salary, since it is really a part-time job.

Who else doubles their own salary in a few short years? Who else says around election time that they won’t raise taxes, yet that is the very first thing that was done at the first meeting of the year?

We are also tired of the backdoor politics and secret meetings to hire a director who has sexual discrimination charges that went to federal court. He was hired without council being involved. Really?

We need more involvement with other city leaders, council and staff who will be directly affected working with this person.  Sure, the women who worked for him will say nice things to protect themselves.

Mukilteo, it's time for a leader who has your best interests at heart, who won’t blow the city budget, won’t criticize your feelings and concerns, won’t bully you for what you think and allow council to respond to your messages.

Vote for change.

Kris Huxford,


We attend nearly all City Council meetings and have never witnessed Mayor Joe Marine bully anyone at the stand for voicing their opinion or concerns. -Ed.

Cascade Warbirds mark 20 years

The Paine Field Airport and staff would like to congratulate the Cascade Warbirds on their 20th birthday.

The state of Washington incorporated the Cascade Warbirds EAA Chapter on Aug. 27, 1993.  Rick Fernalld, Crash Williams, Mike Lavelle, and Carl Terrana took the helm as the incorporators and initial directors.

The goal of the Cascade Warbirds is to promote the restoration, preservation, operation and public display of historically significant military aircraft; to acquire and perpetuate the living history of those who served their country on these aircraft; and to inspire today's young people to become the aviation pioneers of tomorrow.

The Paine Field visitors are lucky to have such an outstanding example of living history.  The Cascade Warbirds' 20-year anniversary showcases the dedication, determination, and value of its membership.

Job well done and here is to another successful 20 years!

Dave Waggoner, Director,

Paine Field Airport

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