Letters for week of Aug. 15

Aug 15, 2012

Even with limited parking, market having best season

Dear Editor,

The members of the Board of the Mukilteo Farmers Market wish to thank William Reid for his Aug. 8 letter expressing support for the market [“No parking at farmers market,” Beacon, Letters, page 4]. We also understand his frustration in accessing the market because of traffic congestion and insufficient parking.

The market is experiencing the most successful season in its 9-year history. The support of the citizens of Mukilteo is the most important factor in this success. The beautiful location at Lighthouse Park is the second factor.

Although access can sometimes be a problem, the customers and vendors overwhelmingly prefer the market at Lighthouse Park to any previous Mukilteo Farmers Market location. Many of our vendors say this is their favorite market.

The market board and the city have discussed moving the market to a different location, but none has fewer issues or greater overall appeal than Lighthouse Park.

Any potential market site requires availability from early June through late September, which eliminates using the school parking lots. Other suggested sites have similar issues.

The market now provides a comfortable, free shuttle bus Wednesday from Rosehill Community Center to and from the market every 30 minutes from 3-7 p.m. This allows customer parking near Rosehill and reduces the pressure on Lighthouse Park.

The city now assigns a police officer during market hours to manage the parking and traffic issues in the park and at the ferry landing intersection.

We will continue to work with the city to find ways to reduce the congestion at 5th Street, and to increase available market parking in Lighthouse Park.

The time of day that is usually the least congested at the market is right at 3 p.m.

The Mukilteo Farmers Market is committed to insuring that the people of Mukilteo have access to fresh, local, healthy food, and will continue to work to this end.


Mel Trenor, President,

Mukilteo Farmers Market Board

Metered parking is not the answer

Dear Editor,

The following is a letter to the Mukilteo councilmembers:

I’m discouraged to learn that the council is considering charging fees to curb the parking issues created by visitors to Lighthouse Park ["Council: Paid parking should benefit residents," Aug. 1, front page].

I know parking is a complex issue within the tight confines of the accessible waterfront places downtown, and I empathize with the business owners who are struggling to meet their customers’ needs.

However, there is ample evidence by other city developers that metered parking does not ‘create’ more parking space. It rarely boosts city revenues after accounting for equipment cost and enforcement and it mostly dissuades people from frequenting business venues at all.

Before moving forward, I implore the council to do more research on the matter and to learn the mistakes of other small cities that have faced this similar dilemma.

I would also like to encourage the council to consider the greatest non-tangible aspect that free parking/free access provides – diversity.

When people think of Mukilteo, they think of Lighthouse Park. No other landmark creates that kind of draw as a tourist destination to the city. But the typical visitor is not necessarily the one who can afford the kind of parking fees that you are considering.

Our parks are the greatest socio-economic equalizers, and Lighthouse Park is no exception. Nowhere else in the city will you find this kind of diversity, gathered in unity, to experience the abundance of outdoor fun that our parks have to offer.

Implementing fees will do nothing more than continue granting access to the privileged and further reduce opportunities for the poor and people of different ethnicities.

These fees you are proposing reinforce the stereotype that Mukilteo is where rich white people live and play. I doubt this is the kind of image the council wants to embrace.

Please reconsider, or at least fully consider, what your ‘fee for access’ policies will really resolve. Thanks for your consideration.

Jamie Curtismith,


Dress up in your Mukilteo historical best

Dear Editor,

Picture this: The Mukilteo Beacon headlines could be – 2012 Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival becomes huge costume party – Local talent wows the crowds!

Thousands of Mukilteans and guests from Snohomish County and beyond enjoy a fantastic Sept. 7-9, 2012 festival weekend by Possession Sound as participants don the outfits of the famous, infamous, and otherwise colorful characters from the varied cultures and past periods in Mukilteo history.

As far as the eye could see, partiers from ages of 2 to over 250 years of age were dressed as European explorers, Civil War era soldiers and kin, First Nations representative, Prohibition era rum runners and the ilk, light station keepers and their kin.

Fancy vintage clothing, secondhand store finds, and more abound on handsome fellows portraying salty sailors, Scandinavian and Japanese American immigrant saw mill workers and more.

Louisa Fowler Sinclair herself shakes hands with the first mayor of the city, or is the current mayor portraying one of his earlier political cronies? Who was rushing to put out the fire or racing to escape the cops in historic chases that originated during disasters and during Prohibition times?

Find out more about the storytelling, dramatic re-enactments, comedy sketches, and talent show offerings featured in several venues during the 47th Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival, including the light station grounds in Lighthouse Park, the new band shell in the park, and more.

There will be a reception and open house at the historic Hogland House on Sunday from 1-5 p.m.

The Mukilteo Storytellers theme for 2012 is “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Help create a fun atmosphere and welcome visitors from foreign lands and Mukilteo's past. Help create a destination city that ranks high in quality of life and in small town fun.

To volunteer your talent for several shows throughout the weekend, contact Diane Tinsley aka Louisa Fowler Sinclair at diane@mukilteohistorical.org or 425-493-6833 or Christopher Summitt at Christopher.summitt@frontier.

Get help from the Mukilteo branch of the Snohomish County Library for ideas about historical figures you could portray.

Watch for more announcements in your great local newspaper.

Diane Tinlsey,

aka Louisa Fowler Sinclair,

Mukilteo Storytellers

Thank you for your support

Dear Editor,

I am honored by the people of the Second Congressional District and by the expressions of support and encouragement we continue to receive.

Our staff of workers and volunteers throughout the district have continually sacrificed and fully committed themselves to help spread a simple message: a veteran, a Boeing pilot, a husband, a father and concerned citizen has offered a new vision, a new voice, and strong values to an America that has strayed off the course of principle and prosperity.

I am a citizen – not a politician – with an overwhelming sense of urgency and purpose to work to return America to greatness. I maintain the highest regard for the voice and the will of the people.

This campaign has been motivated to action by those we have met over the last several months – all of whom express grave concern for their future.

Over the next 90 days we will continue to present my candidacy and address the issues that are of concern to every citizen. I will continue to conduct an honest and honorable campaign, discussing the issues truthfully and without partisan rhetoric. I challenge Mr. Larsen to commit to do the same.

I also challenge Mr. Larsen to no less than eight debates in public forums, with details to be determined, to allow the voters to receive the most accurate representation of the two candidates and the leadership we offer.

I look forward to the opportunity of introducing myself and of listening to as many people as possible over the next three months as we progress to Nov. 6 and the culmination of a most important election year.

Dan Matthews,

Congressional candidate,

2nd Congressional District,


Thanks for standing up to fight

Dear Editor,

The following is a letter to Mukilteo:

On behalf of my wife Michelle and I, and our entire campaign team, we wish to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of your support over the past year for the Hadian for Governor campaign.

While the results of the primary election were extremely disappointing, we are so grateful for each of you who stood courageously with us in this fight.

Thank you to all who volunteered, donated, waved signs, doorbelled, attended events, wrote letters to the editor, and told your friends and family about this campaign and the message of courageous leadership. You encouraged us all along the way, and we are most especially grateful for your prayers.

The next step for Michelle and I is to take some time to rest, spend time with our boys (who miss their daddy very much after one year of campaigning), and spend time in prayer seeking wisdom for what is next.

In the meantime, I will continue to pastor my church in Everett, and travel with my company, The TIL Project (Truth in Love) to speak about the ongoing critical issues facing our state and nation.

Over the last year, we fought together for courageous leadership, for placing principles over “party politics," and for gutting the corruption that is in our government and even in the Republican Party structure.

We must continue this fight! It is time for a courageous generation to rise up, to not compromise on the truth any longer, and to work together to restore our state and nation.

For those who are discouraged and disappointed with the election results, please, please don’t give up the fight. Now we must press in even harder, and stand courageously together, with “titanium spines” as we fight the good fight.

The time has come for this courageous generation to remind our government and the party structure:

That it will be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people

That we are demanding servant leaders and are rising up against tyranny

That truth and principles must once again be the bedrock of our government and this nation.

The time has come for us to choose a government that respects life, marriage, our right of conscience, our right of property, our right to defend ourselves, our religious freedoms, and our right to raise our children with a Godly heritage.

A courageous generation is indeed rising that will not sit idly by and watch the destruction of our nation. We will not hand over our freedoms any longer.

And most importantly, we must be the courageous generation that chooses to bless God and welcome Him back into our hearts and nation.

Again, thank you for all of your support in this campaign. Words cannot express how grateful we are. Please continue to pray for my family and our team as we take some time to rest, to process, and to seek God's wisdom.

Lastly, I need to ask you to stand with me one more time. We have unmet campaign expenses that we still need to pay for- radio ads, printing, and more.

Please, if you can, consider donating whatever you can today to help us cover the remaining costs associated with this campaign. Whether $25, $100, $250, or more, your final donation will help us finish this race well and pay our outstanding bills.

You can contribute online, or mail a check to: Hadian for Governor, PO BOX 15074, Mill Creek, WA 98082. Thank you.

I pray for God to stir our hearts, to raise a standard of truth in our state and nation once again and to bring healing to our hurting land.


Shahram and Michelle Hadian,


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