Letters for week of Feb. 13

Feb 13, 2013

‘Guns in perspective’ cartoon is bogus

Editor, The Beacon:

According to a report by the National Counterterrorism Center, there were 12,533 terrorist murders in the world last year. There were also 25,903 maimings and injuries, and 5,554 kidnappings all attributed to terrorists in that single year.

Spread over 10 years, the numbers are in the hundreds of thousands worldwide. In the Feb. 6 Letters & Opinions page of your paper, the "Guns in perspective" political cartoon lists the number of terrorism deaths in the United States at "about" 3,000 total over 10 years [The Beacon, page 4].

There were more terrorist deaths on 9/11 alone, than just the listed 3,000 in that slanted, biased cartoon. Terrorists target Americans and all peoples both on these shores and abroad.

As a comparison, the cartoon then lists U.S. deaths from firearms for 10 years at about 339,000 versus the paltry 3,000 murders by terrorists in 10 years.

According to the U.S. government's own FBI crime website, it lists 47,000 total homicides by all firearms in the United States over the last five years.

The United States is also experiencing a 50-year low in murders nationwide despite the fact that gun ownership is at the highest levels in U.S. history.

The total number of killings by all guns in the United States for the last 10 years averages about 9,000 per year (or 90,000 over 10 years).

The bogus numbers listed in the cartoon don't represent reality. The anti-gun bias in the cartoon uses fictional statistics to misrepresent the reality of the problem of gun deaths.

You can't use suicide, war, accidental deaths, etc. to skew the facts. The cartoon's author exaggerated the actual numbers of murders by firearms by more than 350 percent.

I do not feel your publication should boldly publish such an irresponsible political cartoon that uses misinformation to promote the anti-gun agenda. The numbers used in the cartoon were fiction.

Responsible gun owners aren't the problem. Blame the bad guys, blame the insane, blame the media (violent movies and video games) that help numb the senses.

If you're going to publish statistics in your paper (even in a satirical political cartoon), you should at least require honest numbers to make your point. That was a dishonest cartoon.

Thank you,

Ajay Mathison,


The 9/11 terrorists killed 2,996 people, the last time terrorists successfully killed Americans on U.S. soil.
According to several federal and independent agencies, the U.S. has averaged more than 30,000 firearm-related deaths per year in the U.S. since then. You do the math. – Ed.

Fight for the people of Snohomish County

To County Executive Aaron Reardon and the Snohomish County Council:

We are very saddened by your continued pandering to the false claims of the FAA that the notion of turning Paine Field will not affect our local communities, economy, schools, taxes, wildlife, quiet, or the business of Boeing.

Surely you have all read the ludicrous, false, repetitive statements in the various finding documents of the FAA, where they lie repetitively about what will happen if you, Snohomish County, cave to FAA pressures, to turn Paine Field into a commercial, industrial, traffic jam pit of noise and business.

We DO NOT WANT you to represent your personal interest to "save your job", or "take the least path of resistance," or worse, as our elected representatives, fail to do your job to fairly and accurately represent the vast majority of all the landowners and residents of Snohomish County.

We, the people of Snohomish County, who DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU and DO NOT WANT Paine Field turned into a commercial airport.

Any elementary-age schoolchild can understand the vast changes that will befall our area, including the destruction of Boeing, the largest employer here and possibly in the United States.

The loss of that huge Boeing income would result in fallout for all the myriad of related jobs and bedroom community taxes to support to our Snohomish County economy.

If you keep going in the direction you are going, you will stupidly and selfishly and small-mindedly push Boeing out without understand the epic consequences to our area.

As elected officials, you owe us an accurate representation of the majority interest of your residents, and you also owe the business and economic community that you represent your full support to further what will best promote their prosperity in the coming years.

If you personally want to take a flight for vacation, just get up a half hour earlier to take one out of SeaTac and praise God for the lovely scenery you can enjoy – and the quiet and fresh air of your community where you live, prior to going into the lowlife mixed with commercial and industrial area that frames the SeaTac airport.

Don't you care about all the expense to taxpayers here that moving all the businesses on the Mukilteo Speedway and other roads to enlarge single lane traffic, to retrograde and retrofit all our schools and buildings would cost to counteract continual jet noise?

Don't you think that the majority of us chose to live here because it was quiet? And that we are very likely to move out of here, many of us, if it becomes a loud, intra-city, metropolis?

What is really important to you people? Do you care about old-fashioned honesty, improvement of communities and taking your responsibility to fight for what is right and what is ethical serious?

I can't fathom how you think it is simply fine to support a move that will drastically undermine Boeing and remove BILLIONS of dollars of Boeing revenue from your coffers.

Please reconsider your motives and your response to the pressures of the FAA, and we hope you will all resign your positions if you don't want to do what we want, and what is right for us and for Boeing, and for all of Snohomish County.


Lisa McBroom


Mukilteo best served as ‘West Everett’

I think it’s time we bite the bullet and admit that Mukilteo and our city leadership is little more than a glorified Everett homeowners association that enjoys the luxury of higher taxes and has no control over important issues like Paine Field.

With Everett's stated goal of expanding commercial air traffic, they are well on their way toward expanding their vision of what a community looks like and, in doing so, spreading it like an all-American cancer upon Mukilteo.

Everett laughs at Mukilteo as we fund their school district, shop in their stores, and make pathetic attempts at affecting the really important issues from Paine Field to the Port of Everett.

As well intentioned as our mayor and City Council may be, Everett wears the pants in our community, and they are intent on keeping us in our cute little irrelevant place.

If we ever want to have an impact on important decisions affecting our community, we would act to have Mukilteo, Everett and Paine Field annexed into a single city.

We currently do not have effective representation in our community, and Everett and its development goals only serve to overwhelm any visions we may have in Mukilteo.

Or perhaps we can see if Ruston will be our sister city?

Welcome to West Everett.

Brian Bodge,

Mukilteo/West Everett

Focus group won’t help Smuggler’s Gulch

The latest hocus-pocus emanating from City Hall is disturbing. Take a few minutes to listen to the Mukilteo City Council meeting of Jan. 22.

Not once in the discussion or motion is the term “focus group” mentioned. Not once! Therefore, one can reasonably ask: How is a 6-0 City Council vote transformed into something unmentioned in the council meeting and resolution?

By using nothing less than administrative alchemy! (Remember their annexation alchemy?)

The resulting “Citizen Focus Group Application” sent in the mail to Smugglers Gulch residents is terrific chutzpah. Since when does a focus group have “the understanding that project goals are to be met”?

Intelligent Beacon readers are recommended to read Wikipedia’s “Focus Group” article, paying special attention to the section titled “Problems and Criticism.”

It would be great fun to know who in City Hall will put their name on “suggested a focus group.”

Ignoring this out-of-bounds transformation of a City Council resolution, equally disturbing is the clumsy implementation process.

What are the selection criteria? Where is that information publicly posted? Will the selection process be public or private? And, most importantly, how is it that our city administrators abrogate unto themselves which citizens it will interact with and which it will not? Concerned voters want answers!

In point of fact, genuine, honest citizen interaction is the last thing wanted. After all, “project goals are to be met.”

We are repeatedly told this is a “demonstration project.” Well, so far it’s demonstrating an incompetence to craft a citizen-centric approach, and identify needed solutions.

This hocus-pocus-focus is nothing short of a stunning re-definition of the purpose and intent of what is otherwise a perfectly legitimate research and marketing tool.

Furthermore, it’s an arrogant hijacking of a City Council resolution. It’s time to stop wasting our time and money, and initiate honest community outreach.

Jon Boyce,


Run from the cure

Although well meant by those who support them, these relays just raise money for the cancer barons, chemical and pharma companies who profit and don't want to find a cure for something that is very curable [“Kickoff rally for 1st Mukilteo Relay For Life is Feb. 9,” The Beacon, page 2, Jan. 30].

Why? Because cancer is a billion dollar industry: http://www.naturalnews.com/020648_cancer_breast.html

Lynn McKinney,


Thanks for Japanese Gulch support

On behalf of the Japanese Gulch Group, I want to thank everyone who supported our Mukilteo Mardi Gras dinner and auction, a fundraiser to support the group's efforts to save Japanese Gulch as an urban forest and wildlife corridor.

Our success wouldn't have been possible without the support of our sponsors: University Mechanical Contractors, Mukilteo Beacon, Redhook Brewery and Emery Home Inspection, or the generosity of our donors and event patrons.

Special thanks go to Mayor Joe Marine for being the emcee and to the auction committee who worked tirelessly before, during and after the event.

Our deepest gratitude goes to the volunteers who donated their time and talents to our event, and our compliments go to Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill & Irish Pub and his staff for the amazing dinner and service.

It's great to live in a community that cares about saving the gulch, and the support is greatly appreciated.


Sheila Countryman-Bean,

Event Coordinator,

Japanese Gulch Group

1,700 local families had a happy holiday

We want to thank the amazing people who helped us provide holiday food and gifts to 1,700 local families (about 2,200 people in all) this holiday season.

The need in the community was tremendous, even overwhelming – and yet, through so much generosity on the part of individuals, families, schools, churches, and other organizations, we were able to serve a large number of families in need.

We especially want to acknowledge the groups that adopted 20 or more families, making a difference in so many lives.

Four groups each adopted more than 100 households from Thanksgiving through Christmas: Cascade High School (162), Advent Lutheran Church (162), Everett High School (151), and Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (100).

Several other groups adopted at least 20 households: Central Lutheran Church, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Snohomish High School, and Delta Community Baptist Church.

We wish we could thank each and every donor by name, but there are simply too many – and that is a wonderful problem to have!

On behalf of all the families who were able to celebrate the holidays with a special meal and some gifts, THANK YOU for the difference you made.


Phil Smith, President/CEO,

Volunteers of America Western Washington

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