Letters for week of Feb. 20

Feb 20, 2013

Amazing artist, wonderful story

Editor, The Beacon:

Wonderful article about Chris Hopkins' upcoming exhibit – “Red Tails, Silver Wings.” And the painting "Roscoe Brown” – amazing. The Tuskegee Airmen are well worth front-page news.

Thank you!

Vanda Southey,


No, you do the math

In the last paper, you published my letter to the editor about the cartoon comparing terrorist killings versus total firearm deaths in the hands of Americans, [“‘Guns in perspective’ cartoon is bogus,” The Beacon, Letters, page 4, Feb. 13].

The cartoon compared a mere 3,000 deaths by terrorists on American soil versus a dishonest number of 339,000 total deaths from handguns in America over the last 10 years.

The Beacon editor replied back to my comments that, "The U.S. has averaged more than 30,000 firearms-related deaths per year in the U.S."

The editor's final terse comment was "You do the math." The reply was skewed and a dishonest comparison.

In 2010, there were indeed 31,672 firearm deaths in the United States, but only 11,078 of those deaths were homicides. Of the total gun deaths, 19,392 of them were suicides, and the remaining were accidental or other causes.

I find it appalling that the editor would include suicides in his total tally and lump all gun deaths together when comparing them to the actions of terrorists. Self-inflicted deaths by suicide are not the same as terrorist acts upon an innocent victim.

It's a disingenuous comparison to lump suicides and accidental shootings (which outnumber homicides nearly 2 to 1) when comparing all deaths by firearms in the United States to the murderous actions of terrorists. You evidently got the last word, Mr. Editor, but it wasn't an honest comparison.

Back at you – you do the math.

Thank you,

Ajay Mathison,


A millionaire in hugs

I would like to take the time to thank you for interviewing me for the Mukilteo Beacon [“Post office clerk to retire after 31 years,” The Beacon, front page, Jan 30].

I was very humbled by the whole experience and truly amazed at your ability to write such a concise story on me in the very short time we had together! (AND with a non-cooperative computer to boot!!)

My last day of work was filled with tears, laughter, memories and gifts. But most of all, HUGS! If I had been paid that day in hugs from all my wonderful customers, I would be a millionaire! My customers are the absolute BEST, and your kindness overwhelmed me. I never thought I would be missed so much.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to my co-workers for giving me such a heartfelt sendoff, and thank you to ALL my terrific customers who came by to wish me well.

I will miss each and every one of you so very much!

Pamela Schroeder, retired

Mukilteo Post Office

‘West Everett’ rages against the machine

I think its fair to say we put up as good a fight as we could and burrow in and engage noise abatement enforcement. As well intentioned as Mayor Joe Marine and our city leaders are, it is clear their efforts have been ineffectual at tackling really import matters, like the airport.

Its no surprise to me that Alaska Airlines reported their intentions for 50 roundtrip aka100 flights per week [“Alaska Airlines proposes 50 flights per week,” The Beacon, City Briefs, page 2, Feb. 13]. I'm sure the $100K the city has set aside will go far in fighting this fight – at least, paying for the filing fees and paper work.

The leaders of our city are nice people, but they stand alone politically, with the exception of the mayor of Edmonds, whom I'm sure joined our mayor only after having been begged on bended knee.

All the other state and county politicians are just jaw-boning us with support while secretly capitulating that Mukilteo is screwed.

I'm still convinced that if the citizens of Mukilteo want to really affect change regarding this matter, or any really important matters in the future, that we support annexation of Mukilteo by Everett.

After annexation we might enjoy some of Everett's All-American low real estate taxes! And at least then we could tell our real mayor our concerns and have the opportunity to vote Ray Stephanson out.

By merging with Everett we could also cut costs by eliminating all the redundant city services. What good does it do to have our own planning department to plan some great little city that is essentially being ruined by Everett anyway?

As I listened to Ray and Joe on the radio, I could hear Ray and all the Everett leadership just laughing at how irrelevant we are over here.

And we get the honor of paying higher taxes so we can have 98275 on our addresses and pay for Everett's schools to boot!

Brian Bodge,

Mukilteo/West Everett

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