Letters for week of Feb. 27

Feb 27, 2013

Kudos to Beacon for orchestra feature

Editor, The Beacon:

Everyone at the MCO is thrilled with your article and we are all so grateful [“Orchestra still sharing joy of music, 15 years later,” front page, Feb. 20]. The Beacon's support has been "instrumental" in our success.

Best regards and many thanks,

Terry Preshaw,


The meaning of ‘Mukilteo’

Mŭk′·əl·tē′·ō! … Muck-il-TEE-o! … ah, whatever … Everett!

Recently, one of the local tribes unearthed some early artifacts during the excavation and construction of the Tulalip Casino that once again puts into question the true interpretation of "Mukilteo" in the Snohomish dialect.

Linguistic scholars have pored over the evidence and, while they cannot all agree, it is widely believed that the following are the more true interpretations:

1. Great site to sign treaty surrendering all my people's land to the white man

2. Nest of giant noisy iron sky birds

3. Inuit Airlines

4. Ha-Ha, you thought white man would honor Mediated Role Agreement!

5. Lousy place to camp from 7 a.m.-10 p.m. or during flight operations

6. Last person to leave please turn out the lights.

7. West Everett

Brian Bodge,

Mukilteo/West Everett

No means no

I want to thank Paige DeChambeau for the insightful Guest View [“Strive to 'behave well' for the next generation, page 4] in the Feb. 20 Beacon.

Finally, we have some transparency in this "save the gulch issue" which should give everyone pause should this ever make it to the ballot again.

She clearly states that "once acquired, (it) will be Mukilteo and Everett's Central Park". Mukilteo AND Everett.

But the residents of Mukilteo will be the ones burdened by a tax (levy) to preserve this "park." Thank you for the clarification.

The voters have already spoken on this. Why insult the intelligence of the residents of Mukilteo by putting it on the ballot again and suggesting that we were too stupid to get it the first time around? It’s a total waste of time and effort, in my opinion.

However, should this ill-advised proposal make it to the ballot, I would hope that voters paid attention to the Guest View to fully understand that we would be paying for a "Mukilteo/Everett Central Park."

And, if it goes on the ballot, I will volunteer to lead the “No Mean No on Gulch 2.0” effort to defeat this unnecessary additional tax burden.

Ed Kunigonis,


Old Town better with city’s improvements

On lamenting the ruin of the Old Town neighborhood in the latest Beacon guest editorial [“Getting more results outside of Mukilteo,” Guest View, page 4, Feb. 13]:

Where? I love the improvements at Lighthouse Park, and am happy that it is free to all. I especially love that children can now go to a very cool playground at our very cool beach.

I am also very happy that the new Rosehill Community Center is built to current seismic standards, and that we did not have a major seismic event while the old building was in use. The lights are a bit much, but all in all it is an improvement.

And I am happy that accessibility guidelines established in the United States almost 25 years ago will finally be addressed by a parallel walk and bike bridge next to the BNSF-owned relic.

Our city is unique in its complex challenges, but also in blessings, so to speak.

However, sad songs of stubborn perspectives are not foreign to these parts, as they say.

Kindly forgive me for offering this remedy, and repeat if you like. Here is my variation on “The Man’s Prayer,” from a certain duct tape-full, but creatively forward-thinking PBS comedy I am fond of:

“I am a long-term resident, I can change, if I have to, I guess…”

Barbara Fariss-Bateman,


Fix Speedway intersection before its too late

Something needs to be done about the light on Highway 525 and 5th Street. I have almost gotten hit there about five times and got hit once.

I almost got hit again today, as a couple from Alabama cannot read, I guess. I saw them coming too fast and they just made a right turn onto 5th Street.

Someone is going to get killed before anyone does something about it. I do not want that to happen.

If the couple would have hit me, and I had a passenger in my car, they would have been badly hurt. Most of the people that make a right turn are in too big of a hurry to wait in the left lane to make a turn onto 5th.

I hope something can be done.

Betty Wall,


Be careful on the road during inclement weather

I live in the Harbour Pointe neighborhood. This winter, the weather has been wet and dark, with heavy rainfall, mist and fog.

On several occasions I have witnessed near hits of pedestrians wearing dark clothing. At least two pedestrians didn’t stop to check that drivers had seen them before stepping into the crosswalk. One was nearly run down by a large commercial truck. This pedestrian was walking her dog and pushing a stroller.

I don't have to tell you how incredibly tragic this would have been.

Numerous people are out walking and running during the heavy evening commute. Many of them wear black or dark clothing with no reflective strips, no flashlights, no belt flashers, etc.

In this kind of weather and dark, it is imperative that they be seen.

Pedestrians: Every store that has a sporting goods or pet section has reflective leashes and coats for dogs, safety vests that are light weight and ventilated, belt lights that flash when in motion, flashlights, reflective tape that can be attached to strollers, clothing, shoes, etc.

This must be done. I remember a few years ago on a very rainy Halloween a woman was struck in a crosswalk near Endeavour Elementary and critically injured; again wearing dark clothing with no reflective material and no flashlight. It was a miracle her children weren't hit.

Drivers need to slow down on Harbour Reach Drive, Chennault Beach Road and Harbour Pointe Boulevard. The speed limit is 25, 30 and 35 mph, respectively, but I often see drivers moving much faster, making rolling stops through intersections, and many without their headlights on!

In dark and inclement weather it is the law in Washington that headlights are to be on. Not so that you can see, but so that you are seen.

I'm asking that drivers and pedestrians alike be considerate of each other. Yes, pedestrians have the right of way. Please be aware of your surroundings and make sure a motorist can see you.

Vehicles have blind spots, water glare on windshields hinder sight distance and road clarity and fog can dangerous.

Drivers: Yes, you want to get home, but you aren’t the only one on the road who does. I can think of nothing worse than your night becoming a nightmare because you were in too much of a hurry to see the runner with the stroller in the crosswalk.

I write this in the hope that everyone slows down and remembers what can and will happen to you if you are not cautious and exercise patience with pedestrians and motorists alike.

Mukilteo is a lovely city with fantastic people; let's treat each other courteously.

Thank you for listening,

Stephany Maurer,


Kamiak concert was great – though girl talked through it

It was with great pride that we watched the Choral Festival at Kamiak High School presented by the Mukilteo School District. It was very enjoyable to listen to the various grades and groups perform some wonderful songs.

It was, however, with great disappointment that we had to listen to the “star struck” student and her boyfriend who sat nearby talk the whole time during the performance.

When I had finally had enough and “shushed” her, she retaliated by flipping me off and then still continued to talk. But, her rude and bad behavior didn’t take away from the music of the night.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful and committed teachers who make the youth of the Mukilteo School District some of the most talented musicians in Snohomish County, which only once again totally reinforces that this is truly a great community to live in!

Thank you for such a wonderful presentation!

Proud grandparents,

Luanne and Mark Kunz,


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