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Jul 25, 2013

Parking suggestions worth pursuing

Editor, the Beacon:

A big THANK YOU! to Charlie Pancerzewski's Guest View – "Issues with Park(ing)" [The Beacon, page 4, July 17].

We agree with how he summed up the situation.  When those who live here no longer want to spend time at our beautiful beach or sit in traffic jams, it's a sad situation and it reflects poorly upon our town.

Mukilteo has been a sleepy village since the beginning, and we want it to stay that way.  Becoming a "tourist trap" is not worth it.

Peace and quality of life are far more valuable to the residents of our town then the few extra pennies tourists bring.

Mr. Pancerzewski's parking recommendations make sense.  What are the chances of getting them implemented?

Renee Ripley,


Relay for Life a success

"It takes a village to fight cancer." And this village was ready for the fight!

Relay For Life of Mukilteo was held July 13-14 at Kamiak High School.

Our community came together for this first-time event and raised more than $47,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Monies raised support research, advocacy, education and much-needed services for cancer patients right here in Mukilteo.

We thank our sponsors: Classic Country 1520 KXA, Fisher Broadcasting, Fox Sports 1380 KRKO, Future of Flight, Hilton Garden Inn, Kumon Learning Center Mukilteo, McDonald's of Mukilteo, NW Auto Recyclers, Otto-Matic DJ Service, Sullivan Orthodontics, T. Tator Tot the Clown and Company, Waste Management, and Whidbey Island Bank.

We also thank our committee volunteers who worked for months to make this a success, plus our tireless team captains and participants. Cancer doesn't sleep and neither did our Relayers!

We invite you to view photos of our event on our Facebook page: Relay For Life of Mukilteo.

And if you'd like to donate, it's still possible online, at www.relayforlife.org/mukilteowa. Thank you, Mukilteo!

Emma and Joanna Turgeon


Relay For Life of Mukilteo

Stop flogging that dead horse!

I have one, simple comment re the years-old controversy over the decision to build a new community center and not restore the old Rose Hill School:  enough already, the decision was made long ago and the result is a beautiful, muliti-purpose facility with a stunning outdoor gathering area, an undeniably positive addition to our fair city of Mukilteo.  Let it go.

Chris Salditt,


Time for Marine to move on

Aug. 6 is the primary election for Mukilteo’s mayoral race where the three candidates will be narrowed down to two and, by now, everyone should have received their primary ballots.

This primary is more important for Mukilteo’s future than most people realize or care to admit. Two current Mukilteo city council members (Jennifer Gregerson and Steve Schmalz) will be trying to unseat the current Mayor (Joe Marine) who will be running for a third term.

My hope is that Mukilteo voters eliminate Mayor Joe Marine in the primary, and councilmembers Steve Schmalz and Jennifer Gregerson move forward to the general election.

After 7-1/2 years on the council, I’m convinced the current mayor isn’t capable of moving Mukilteo forward in a manner that most Mukilteo voters expect.

If Mukilteo ever hopes to be more than a mediocre little city and transit hub for the region, we need new leadership now. We need a mayor who is able to embrace others who can bring ideas and energy to move our city forward, not just those that can help the mayor with his political career.

Steve Schmalz is my top choice in part because our views on what it takes to make Mukilteo prosper for its residents are very closely aligned, but also because I respect what Steve has accomplished for Mukilteo.

People who really care about Mukilteo are easy for me to identify, and Steve is one of them.

He’s opposed the current annexation plan because it’s more liability and expense without the certainty of the necessary revenue for success.

His business background and perseverance on the council with a balanced budget resolution and opposition to sliding various tax increases through demonstrates a sincere desire to live within our means.

He’s active in our community and runs great events including Open Mic, Waterfront Art Festival, Holiday Art Mart, and has been instrumental in his support of the Park and Ride, Dog Park and Waterfront Wednesdays.

But most important in my mind is Steve listens, embraces ideas and comments from others, and truly represents Mukilteo residents.

I’m hopeful that Mukilteo voters will see though the political tactics used by Joe Marine and move both Steve Schmalz and Jennifer Gregerson through the primary to the general election.

Joe Marine has made it clear that his political aspirations are for positions outside of Mukilteo. Let’s help him meet those goals.

Kevin Stoltz,

Mukilteo City Councilmember

Marine deserves another term

I want to speak out in support of the fine job that Joe Marine has done since being Mayor of Mukilteo.

He has been an exemplary leader who has the wholehearted interests of the Mukilteo community.

To name a few of the awesome accomplishments that he has been responsible for:

• The new Rosehill Community Center

• The new Lighthouse Park

• The new City Hall

I know that he will continue to encourage structured economic growth for Mukilteo. He will also champion sufficient infrastructure to develop more efficient traffic patterns for ferry access.

He has proven through his stellar performance that he is a man of good character who takes positive action regarding the requests of Mukilteo.

I certainly support him in his efforts, will vote for his re-election, and encourage the residents of Mukilteo to do the same.

Robert D. Knight,


Values in public office (Joe must go)

I have been thinking and reading about values for 20 years.

Many authors failed to define their subject, so I created one. “Values are those elements of human consciousness that we choose to most cherish. Values are abstractions, concepts. They are not things, moods, feelings, or states of being.”

Values are important because they shape our Behavior, which, in turn, determines our Environment (Community).

There are positive values and negative ones.

I can think of five words that describe positive values – Respect, Trust, Compassion, Justice (Fairness) and Honesty.

I have three words for negative values – Power, Wealth, and Vengeance.

The predominant presence of positive values create positive community; negative values brings forth a negative community.

To my observation, Joe Marine shows a predilection for negative values. His preoccupation is with self, not community. He values Power above all else. If one challenges his power, one can expect a turn to Vengeance.

He is driven to public office not to serve but to dominate.

Joe manipulates so as to take credit for good ideas emanating from council or community. If he is not successful, he quashes the good idea.

A few examples:

Joe sabotaged council-approved efforts to create public access to the tank farm and the edgewater park just west of the Boeing Pier. This worthy project was initially supported by Sen. Pat Murray; that support was later withdrawn after discussions with Mr. Marine.

Joe opposed the pedestrian underpass at the SR 525 bridge near the ferry dock. This would have made access to Lighthouse Park safer. Mukilteo’s federal lobbyists backed this council concept, but they backed away from effective follow-up.

Joe repeatedly bullies City Council members.

There are many more examples.

Additionally, I KNOW fear rules in City Hall. That fear originates with Joe Marine.

Intimidation is a powerful tool.

Fear-driven organizations cannot create the Very Best. They cannot attain maximum efficiency or effectiveness. They cannot sustain excellence.

Time has tested Joe Marine and found him wanting.

That is why it is important to defeat Mr. Marine in the primary election.

Fortunately, we have two challengers for the mayorship who are well qualified – Steve Schmalz or Jennifer Gregerson. I know these people well and am convinced that we will be better served.

Mukilteo is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is a privilege to be part of this environment. We are obligated to do what we can to protect what remains of this Paradise Lost.

To succeed, we need strong leadership that proceeds from integrity. Leadership that inspires confidence and reason.

Trust. Not Fear.

Please vote for the opposition on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

E. Scott Casselman, MD,


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