Letters for week of June 19

Jun 19, 2013

Fortunate to have Friends

Editor, The Beacon:

I attended the 50th year anniversary party of the Friends of the Mukilteo library on Saturday, June 8 [“Library Friends mark 50 years of support,” The Beacon, front page, June 12]. A few faithful members were responsible for a very lovely celebration.

The room and tables were beautifully decorated, many delicious refreshments along with coffee and punch were available, and well-organized photos of these many years were on display.

All the time we were entertained by a harpist. (I fail to recall her name.)

There was lot of time and effort put into this, and I wanted to send a big thank you to the “faithful few.”

We are so fortunate to have such a great library in our community.

Lois S. Stewart,


Concerned with McGaughey’s appointment

I am very concerned about and distrustful of the current processes and procedures in Mukilteo city government. I have seen cronyism, intimidation, and a lack of transparency.

The May 31 appointment of Rob McGaughey as Public Works director is an example [“Mayor appoints new Public Works director,” The Beacon, front page, June 5].

Mayor Joe Marine hired McGaughey out of a pool of 15 candidates. The City Council was told to confirm the appointment days later without meeting the man. Councilmembers Randy Lord and Linda Grafer were happy to do so.

Others raised objections, requesting to at least meet McGaughey. The mayor then accused them of bringing politics into play and "making it look like [he] did something wrong."

Councilmember Richard Emery defended himself, though there was no reason to do so.

When the subject of McGaughey's record of sexual harassment in his former public works job was raised, our City Administrator Joe Hannan simply said those lawsuits were dismissed.

Is that record in itself not a red flag to the mayor and city administrator? The sordid details of those lawsuits were unearthed by concerned citizen Terry Preshaw and later by King 5.

In fact, the lawsuits were settled for a few hundred thousand dollars, and the accusations make the hairs on your neck stand up.

While the council, in typical fashion, rubber-stamped the mayor's poor decision, only councilmembers Steve Schmalz and Kevin Stoltz had the integrity to oppose Marine’s appointment of McGaughey.

Now McGaughey is on our payroll, with a six-figure salary. On Aug. 6, we will all have a chance to cast a vote for mayor, and I truly hope that our next mayor will be a person with maturity, fiscal intelligence, sound judgment and skillful leadership. We are well overdue for a change.


Kate Forrester,


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