Letters for week of March 13

Mar 13, 2013

Stop your whining

Editor, The Beacon:

People are so whiny [“Paper bag use up since plastic ban,” The Beacon, front page, Feb. 27]. In never ceases to amaze me how much talk goes into such a small issue like this.

If customers need plastic or paper bags for something, just buy them. Problem solved.

Kip Vaughan,


Free or not, it’s the same issue

I apologize that my comments regarding plastic bags so offended Ms. Davison [“Don’t just talk to letter writers,” The Beacon, Letters, page 4, March 6].

First, "going out of our city" to shop for groceries involves turning left at the first stop light on the Speedway, rather than at the second one. Life does go on just outside "our" city.

Sales tax slips away from it as well. Also, I had no idea that the plastic bags they SELL at QFC caused no pollution, while they ones they used to use for sacking groceries were such environmental disasters. Whodathunkit?

Also Ms. Davison, might want to consider not just the decomposition properties of the two types of bags, but also the manufacturing processes involved in their production.

Perhaps a call to the ports of Bellingham or Everett might provide some background on the pollution footprint caused by paper manufacturing – oh, but that wouldn't impact her little world of Mukilteo by the sea, I guess.

Oh, the humanity!

John Baker,


Rebuttal to SOC ‘myths’

In Mr. Baker’s Op-Ed “SOC myths debunked” [The Beacon, Guest View, page 4, Feb. 27], he calls our arguments “emotional and indefensible,” but we work hard to stick to the facts, the law and to rebutting unfounded positions.

Mr. Baker says that the FAA’s Environmental Assessment “completely destroyed (SOC’s) original unfounded arguments about noise, health, pollution, traffic, prostitution and the sky falling, as reasons to deny commercial use of Paine Field.”

He concludes that the “FAA did a good job.” He has no issues with the FAA’s tactics, poor assumptions, limited scope of study, flawed reasoning or incorrect conclusions.

Conversely, we believe the FAA did such a poor job that the city of Mukilteo and SOC must sue the FAA simply to ask them to follow the law, which they didn’t.

The FAA conducted a flawed Environmental Assessment and then issued a Record of Decision with a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).

This effectively works like a subsidy for the airlines and shifts costs to others, including the local taxpayers of our communities. Our communities will pay for traffic mitigation, pollution, effects from noise, etc. and reduced tax revenue from reduced home values if the FONSI stands.

The FAA’s actions violate the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in several instances, all of which we outlined in our comments to the FAA in February 2010 and again in October 2012. For details go to our website at www.socnw.org and click on the “Environmental Assessment” tab.

And what about Paine Field’s unique role? Aerospace jobs contribute enormously to our local and national economy.

According to an economic impact study conducted by the Washington State Department of Transportation in 2011, Paine Field contributes $19 billion to our economy versus about $11 billion from Sea-Tac.

The study says, “this reflects one of the unique features of Washington’s public use airports, namely that aircraft manufacturing is an industry that is both dependent on access to airport facilities and a major contributor to the state’s economic well being.”

When federal law gives scheduled air service unchecked power to grow without bounds, why not dedicate Paine Field to its current role of supporting aerospace and general aviation?

Neither the FAA, Boeing nor the airlines want to look at this very closely, an oversight that we find disturbing, given how much economic activity is essentially at risk here.

We applaud the city of Mukilteo for raising this issue and speaking out about it.

Greg Hauth,

SOC board member

Call to Reardon to oppose flights

To Executive Aaron Reardon:

The finding of "no significant impact" is fatally flawed. The forecast use/volume increases do not realistically consider the sort of scenarios that have played out in similar situations around the country.

The finding is based on completely unrealistic assumptions. A reasonable person who looks over the assessment immediately sees this.

You speak of your legal duty to capitulate to the FAA. Given the irresponsible, and fraudulent nature of the study and findings, I consider it your legal duty to bring suit against the FAA regarding this travesty of justice.

The cities of Mukilteo and Edmonds are appealing the flawed assessment.

Please do the right thing, and take affirmative action to protect our community, and the security of having Boeing operating here without impediments.


Daniel and Wendi Hale,


Thanks to pancake breakfast helpers

The Kiwanis Club of Mukilteo would like to thank all the people that helped make our 8th annual Pancake Breakfast a huge success. We could not have orchestrated such an elaborate event without the help of our Kiwanis volunteers and the generosity of so many individuals and businesses in our community.

Our sponsors include: Arnie’s of Mukilteo, Bank of Washington, Mukilteo Law Office, Evan Johnson/Windermere Real Estate, Barbara’s Floral, Jennifer Voke, DDS, McDonalds Mukilteo, Sound Financial Group, Matt Martin/State Farm of Mukilteo, and Whidbey Coffee.

Other donations received from: Spiros, Azteca Mukilteo, Blue Ribbon Pet Salon, Cutting Lounge, Dwayne Lanes, Nails by Cheryl, Papa Murphy’s Mukilteo, Tropical Tan Mukilteo, The Tempest Table Top Torch, John Luckovich Birdhouse, Woodland Zoo Park, Annie Johnson/Hand Painted Note Cards, Kostas, Z’s Burgers, Weller’s Café, Bite of New York, Mukilteo Lodge, Chocolate Mill & Yogurt Shoppe, Lube Express of Mukilteo, Wine 101, Diamond Knot, Sun Ray, Dairy Queen Mukilteo, Baskin & Robbins Mukilteo, Chevron Car Wash Mukilteo, Garlic Jim’s Mukilteo, Ivar’s Mukilteo, Le Visage, Mukilteo Thai, Patty’s Egg Nest Mukilteo, Henry’s Donuts, Jersey Mike’s Mukilteo, Lynette Gardiner, Dreana Berggren, Mellisa Heinricks Massage, Sports Clips of Mukilteo, Starbucks and the Mukilteo YMCA.

Special thanks to our performers – the students from Explorer Bluegrass Club, Director Robin Enders; Mariner Choir, Director Patty Schmidt; Picnic Point Choir, Director Kathleen Wagner; Explorer Jazz Band, Director Anita Valdez; Kamiak Barbershop Boys/Girls, Director Nancy Duck-Jefferson; Olympic View Band, Director Jeff Ray; Voyager Band, Director Michael Clark, and Discovery/Olivia Park Band, Director Rosanna Lampano.

It was great to partner with our Harbour Pointe Middle School Builders Club and the Kamiak and Mariner High Schools key clubs to bring the community together.

We appreciate everyone who attended. Thank you for all your support. We look forward to seeing you all, again, next year!


Darlene Conklé & Paul J. Salas

Co-Chairs, Pancake Breakfast

Kiwanis Club of Mukilteo

Thanks for a great Vienna Ball

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the local businesses that helped to make our annual Vienna Ball a great success.

Each year about a month or so after school resumes following the winter holiday break, the Kamiak High School orchestras host the Vienna Ball.

This year on Feb. 9, the high school Commons was transformed into an elegant ballroom; lessons were given to teach attendees proper formal ballroom technique and music was provided by more than 100 of our very own award-winning string players.

This lovely evening is a fundraiser to support our music programs and, in this case, specifically to help raise funds to off-set upcoming travel costs for the group.

Many local businesses partnered with us to make the event a success. Arthur Murray provided the instructors and promoted our event. Granite Transformations and Staybridge Inn were event sponsors.

Other donors included Les Schwab Tires, Barbara's Floral, Whidbey Coffee, the Spaghetti Factory (Lynnwood), The Chocolate Mill and Laura Goodijohn (massage therapist at Spa Body Evo).

We are so grateful to the generous businesses and to the residents who chose to join us for a lovely evening in support.

For those of you who missed the event, watch for it next year – where else can you see more than 100 teenagers (and a many adults, too!) in formal attire waltzing the night away with elegance and delight!

Thanks again, to all who support the local music community!

Melanie Field,

Orchestra Liaison,

Kamiak High School

$4,200 was top auction bid

I was touched by Nancy Eckrem, who won the bid for braces at the Mukilteo Mardi Gras auction for her granddaughter. What a priceless gift that a granddaughter can ever receive!

Hers was the top bid this year for $4,200. The top bid for the same item last year was $3,800.

The parents cannot afford it and they don't have insurance. This is a gift from Grandma that lasts forever – a BEAUTIFUL SMILE.

My husband Chris and I are very grateful with the love and support that we receive from our community here in Mukilteo. This is the least that we can do.

We are also supportive of saving the Japanese Gulch. It is a true rarity to have a treasured property like that. Let's SAVE the GULCH!

Dr. Jacqueline de Leon-Estes,

Harbour Pointe Orthodontics,


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