Letters for week of May 22

May 22, 2013

Mukilteo is a family town

Editor, The Beacon:

When one lives in a community known for its school district, one should realize that families with children are going to buy the homes.

I assume the noise level that offends Elizabeth Kimball [“Be a good neighbor,” The Beacon, Letters, page 4, May 8] is during the hours one should be playing and enjoying their homes. Why? Because she suggests taking children and dogs to their “parks”!

If you do not enjoy others, perhaps you should consider going somewhere quiet, like a library or senior housing.

Raising a family, laughing, playing with dogs and making friends is what my Mukilteo is all about, and I grew up here!

Patty Hynds,


A questionable salary

An ad in The Beacon posted a position for the city of Mukilteo. It read:

“Recreation Office Technician, Salary Range $20.75/hour.” The ad went on to say that the person selected will "assist with office work and customer services at Rosehill."

Since Mayor Joe Marine proposed allocation of funds for this position, with three councilmembers voting against it (Steve Schmalz, Kevin Stoltz and Jennifer Gregerson), perhaps he could explain in a letter to the editor what it is about this position that warrants this high starting salary?

Since we always seem to be on the brink financially, the salary seems over the top for an "office technician," whatever that is. It sounds like a "creative" job description if ever I heard one.

Thank you to the three councilmembers who are trying to keep us financially solvent.


Elaine Knapp,


Farmers Market opens June 5

The Mukilteo Farmers Market, located at Lighthouse Park, will begin its 10th season Wednesday, June 5.

We will be open from 3-7 p.m. every Wednesday through Sept. 25. This should be our best season yet, with an even greater variety of fresh, local food and delightful, creative crafts.

We are again providing a free, comfortable shuttle bus to and from Rosehill Community Center and the market every 30 minutes.

This will reduce parking congestion at Lighthouse Park. The city of Mukilteo has committed to additional assistance with traffic flow on the Speedway and at the park itself.

The people of Mukilteo have been enthusiastic supporters of the market and its vision. The meeting of our customers and vendors encourages conversations about food, nutrition and local issues.

It helps promote our sense of community and insure that Mukilteo continues to be a wonderful place to call home.

Come join the fun!

Mel Trenor,

Board President,

Mukilteo Farmers Market

I’m no coal dust expert

I recently wrote a letter to the Mukilteo Beacon suggesting to cover the railroad cars that carry coal, so that the coal dust would not escape and pollute. I later found out that if the railroad cars are covered, they might explode [“Coal train dust study in Seattle,” Letters, page 4, May 15].

Then I decided to re-read my book written by Robert Fulghum titled “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” I am now registered in a kindergarten refresher course starting next week.

Anders F. Jacobsen,


Donate to The Corn Project

My name is Jenna Field, and I’m a junior at Kamiak High School. This summer I have the opportunity to join my aunt, Pilar Pedersen, in a relief effort that she is leading down in Texas.

She raises money to buy sacks of corn, mixed with beans, and takes them into Mexico to give to the Tarahumara Tribe. Their culture has long suffered from deforestation, mining and currently drug running.

They live on the high steep hillsides, and narrow bottoms of the Copper Canyon Region and have been experiencing terrible droughts the past few years. Starvation has become a common fear in the Tarahumara communities.

I will travel down to personally assist Pilar in purchasing the corn and distributing it in the mountain villages near the town of Batopilas, Chihuahua.

A $20 donation can buy enough corn to keep a family alive for a month. All of the proceeds will go to buying corn.

So far, my aunt has raised barely enough money to make it worth the trip, so I decided to get people completely across the country involved. This is a great opportunity for us Washington folk to make a positive impact in a place that truly needs it.

It would mean so much if you donated even a small amount. Let’s join together here in Mukilteo to make a small difference in the vast Sierra Tarahumara in Mexico.

Donations can be made out to Pilar Pedersen and mailed to P.O. Box #342 Alpine, TX 79831. Please donate by June 10.


Jenna Field,


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