Letters for week of May 8

May 08, 2013

Kudos for Make-A-Wish story

Editor, The Beacon:

Thank you for the nice story regarding Nate and his progress [“Teen’s wish for Kamiak baseball field comes true,” The Beacon, front page, May 1]. It was perfect, and we enjoyed having it in our hometown paper!

I appreciate your careful time and effort.


Shannon McCarty,


Be a good neighbor

Summer is coming – please be a good neighbor.

Screaming kids, barking dogs, loud parties make very unpleasant living conditions.

No one enjoys complaining and some people take advantage of that by allowing rude activity to continue.

Mukilteo has many parks and activities for kids. Take them to the park or just teach them good manners. There is also a great dog park nearby.

A big THANK YOU to the parents and dog owners who are thoughtful and responsible – you are what Mukilteo is all about. We appreciate you!

Elizabeth Kimball,


Washington state barbarians

A while ago, I inquired to the Susan G. Komen organization regarding grants to Planned Parenthood, which is an organization in the business of providing abortions among other services.

Later I received a reply from Ms. Andrea Rader informing me they had granted $700,000 to Planned Parenthood last year for assorted female treatments. I thanked her for the reply but wrote her back expressing our concern over their policy contradiction.

I remain disturbed that Komen continues to fund the works of Planned Parenthood. While their grant money may not directly fund abortions, they did kill almost 350,000 children last year mostly for social reasons.

I consider that a travesty beyond comprehension. And we have a U.S. senator (Patty Murray) praising the work they do as well as a governor (Jay Inslee) who supports a legislative effort to mandate insurance coverage for abortions. It appears to mw that we have become a culture of barbarians.

Awhile back, Komen tried to stop grants to Planned Parenthood, but relented to a political assault from the aforementioned U.S. senator. I consider this an unfortunate circumstance for Komen, which on the one hand promotes life and on the other supports death.

Perhaps at some point in the future, after they stop grants to Planned Parenthood, or that Planned Parenthood stops killing babies, I will reinstate my support to Komen. But I suppose the senator will again apply her coercive repression upon Komen, forcing the organization to capitulate as before.

Until then, I can only pray for all those innocent children, many of them female, who will never see the light of day.

Very truly yours,

Terrill Cox,


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