Letters to the Editor

Jan 02, 2019

Thanks to Police Chief


Thank you Chief Kang for clarifying the information (or misinformation) about crime in the city published in last week's Beacon.

Since the letter writer all but accused the mayor of causing the sinking of the Titanic, I suspected that the writer's comments about our crime rate was overblown. Turns out they were.

Thanks for the clarification and thanks for running a professional, respected police force.


Elaine Knapp




No place to hide with climate change


I have been quite distressed by the news portrayal of the degradation of our climate.  My background as a biologist led me to believe we were all in line for serious trouble years ago, but recent refinements in the earth sciences show we are headed for a massive “kill off of life” on this planet.

I am old enough that this is unlikely to manifest in my lifetime, but my children and grandkids are going to suffer, and have their lives shortened or degraded. This is not just a problem in underdeveloped lands, but worldwide.

There will be no place to hide!

So, what can I do as a 72-year-old retiree? First off, I can act locally and in my own life seek to reduce my use of equipment that produces harm. I can switch to electrical powered devices to be more efficient, less noisy, and move the carbon generation to a site equipped to “scrub” harmful air pollutants.

My automobile should be used less. Diesel power in personal vehicles is unnecessary and pollutes terribly. Gasoline-powered lawn equipment is noisy and each engine produces more air pollution than several automobiles.

Solar electric generation is becoming a more viable method and with micro grids, can be rewarding. My home can be upgraded with more insulation and a more efficient heating system. Heating and cooling unused spaces is wasteful.

Local planners and home builders should be encouraged aggressively to design and build smaller homes with designs that encourage solar use. McMansions of thousands of square feet for two people is wasteful and must be discouraged.

I want to help as much as possible with my own life choices and the politicians I support.

This I owe to my family, and may be my most important legacy.


Mel Chandler


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