Letters to the Editor

Jan 23, 2019

Thumbs up for holiday lights


Dear Mukilteo Historical Society,


Thank you for the holiday lights on the Mukilteo Station Lighthouse! They have brightened my spirits repeatedly this year.

I know it takes extra effort and budget to have the lights up and glowing so I wanted to let you know, it’s appreciated!

The lights are festive, attractive and an enhancement to our waterfront. We should have them all the time!


Shannon McCarty




Menopause support with lifestyle, nutrition and herbal medicine


I was so glad to see such important information being shared with readers of The Beacon.  I am personally beyond menopause now but suffered mood swings, sleep difficulties, hot flashes and near debilitating brain fog when experiencing menopause.

Hormone replacement therapy was prescribed by my doctor, which I know many women take. For me, the pharmacologic therapy caused headaches, dizziness, nausea and a return to menstruation, even when the dosage was halved then quartered. I eventually just quit and toughed it out with menopausal symptoms, which were less damaging than the side effects of the meds prescribed.

I wish I had had the information reported in your paper back then! It makes sense physiologically and offers women more information and control when battling the negative effects menopause can have.

Along with my primary MD, I see a ND; they have complementary areas of expertise I believe. My ND has helped me get my increasing blood pressure back into goal range with diet and natural supplementation. At some point I may need antihypertensive medication but I am staving that off for now. I feel healthy and am so grateful to have knowledgeable practitioners.

Just wish I would’ve had the recent “Here’s to your Health” information a decade or so ago!

Here’s to more complementary health care going forward, with emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention and utilizing the approach that is most individualized, gentle, and disrupts our own natural tendency toward healing least, before using pharmacologic meds that frequently have negative side effects.


Joyce Whitson, RN, MSN




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