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Mar 13, 2019

City Council woes


I’m not quite sure when it started, but it seems that our city government has lost its way.  The “political winds” have shifted over the last few years, with the one-time minority council school of thought gathering steam to become the majority opinion.  As a private citizen, I have sensed a “coup-like” regime change, with obvious tension and agendas at odds with a well-intentioned minority faction.  The hostility towards our mayor, whether warranted or not, is obvious.

I am not suggesting that I know which are the best solutions to all our city’s governing issues, or which “side” of the council has the right answer to any given need. What I am saying is that there seems to be a divide that appears hostile and political and is not a good “look” for our city.

In talking to other long-time members of this community, we wondered what had happened. How had our sense of community and our wish to be involved diminished? I think the answer lies in the apparent tension within the City Council, with the disappearance of the once relatively well-run body, where differences of opinion existed but civil discourse and meeting in the middle were the norm.

The idea of a City Manager has been floated (thanks to Glen Pickus for giving us a good idea of what that would entail). Maybe that is the right direction for the city of Mukilteo to take.

Let’s take the politics and, hopefully some of the negativity, out of our local government. I know a lot of people who would like to see a more civil and welcoming atmosphere return to our beloved community.


Chris Salditt




Thumbs down for Paine Field


I’ve found all the news stories about the opening of Paine Field to be interesting for a few reasons. It seems The Beacon is drinking the Kool-Aid and putting out Alaska infomercials just like the local news stations instead of covering this from Mukilteo’s community perspective.

The only negative acknowledgements I have seen is that Mukilteo spent a bunch of money and lost the fight. The truth of the matter is this was a predetermined outcome and the environmental impact statement was a joke.

We live at one of the highest points off the Japanese Gulch and I can tell you the E175 & 737 are only slightly less house shaking than the Dreamlifter. I wish anyone taking a flight or arriving during a Boeing shift change, much luck.

Somers saying “we have our own gateway now” really drives home the point that this is just the beginning and the goals are much greater than 24 flights per day.

They will outgrow this terminal in less than a year and soon we will be Sea-Tac north.  While that may be great for Everett and their business revenue is all that matters approach, it is a disaster for Mukilteo’s family based community.

I’m also disturbed that Rick Larsen who came to my door campaigning a few years back and asked for my concerns is all on-board.

I told him about the airport concern and he told me how he would see what he could do to help with our cause (giving the impression he opposed it).

Jay Inslee is running for president with a climate change agenda and is happy for more flights and pollution?

Why don’t you print an article about how to complain about noise and traffic concerns associated with the new terminal? How about how to ensure we don’t have an expansion?  I have family near SFO, they were required to buy new windows and doors for everyone near the airport when this sort of expansion happened.

We have lost the battle but we need to not lose the war and our community.


Neal Thatcher


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