Letters to the Editor

Jun 05, 2019

City’s government should stay the same


With all the infighting, wasted time and money, as well as bitter antics of the Mukilteo City Council this past year, why would we want a council-appointed mayor?

I, for one, want the citizens of Mukilteo to elect their own mayor to keep their voice in who leads our city.

I wouldn’t want this council (or one like it) picking a city manager, either.

Delegating such an important position to an unelected bureaucrat is not a wise move.

Look what happened in Bothell and Mill Creek: Personnel issues and scandal.

A high majority of cities in Washington have an elected mayor. There must be a good reason.

And, as far as the idea of decreasing the mayor’s position goes: Why?

I can only reference my 42 years in elementary education. We always had a full-time principal in charge.

If a school of 500 had a full-time principal, why wouldn’t a city of 20,000 have a full-time mayor?


Susan Davison



Mukilteo: The Jewel of the county


On May 20, four councilmembers voted in favor of changing the Mukilteo government.

I applaud Mr. Scott Whelpley for bringing this motion up.

Change is a difficult topic any time in government, and I am sure many sleepless nights went into this consideration as with Council President Christine Cook, Council Vice President Anna Rohrbough, and Councilmember Steve Schmalz.

It takes courage to suggest and create change and we are very fortunate to have these individuals on the City Council. Please join me in thanking them.

I feel they are the “best of the best,” not only in our city, but the entire county.

I am writing this because I am inspired as they continue to put the city’s best interests forward.


Aldred I. Jubie



Editor’s Note: The approved motion sends a ballot measure to the voters this November, which will determine if Mukilteo will change to a city manager-council form of government. A simple majority (more than 50 percent) of voters would have to vote “yes” this November in order to change the city’s government structure.

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Posted by: Charles Eakins | Jun 08, 2019 10:27

Susan, the controversies include the current mayor and the last mayor and a member of city council and undue influence of said council by the mayor. This would make it easier for the council to fire the mayor when they violate ethics. This would also add an 8th council person.

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