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Jun 12, 2019

Students deserve free menstrual products in school bathrooms


Even in a presidential election cycle with a historic number of highly qualified women candidates, a problem that continues to go unaddressed by any major candidate for president is the ongoing period poverty crisis in America. As co-presidents of PERIOD.@Kamiak, one of over 330 chapters of PERIOD, a youth-led nonprofit group focused on championing menstrual equity, let us explain why candidates need to speak out and directly address access to menstrual products.

Access to menstrual hygiene products is restricted because of sexist and discriminatory perspectives that translate into willful ignorance and harmful policies. Conversations surrounding such an important topic are ignored, promoting a shameful and problematic stigma. The same bias that has us and fellow PERIOD activists fighting for schools to supply free menstrual products in public restrooms is the same reason 35 states, including our very own, still classify period products — like tampons, sanitary napkins, and menstrual cups – as luxury items. (Toilet paper isn’t a luxury item. Why are tampons?)

Period poverty, or the lack of access to menstrual products, increases the risk of toxic shock syndrome, cervical cancer, and other dangerous infections as a result. And though I can’t cite government data because issues affecting girls, women, trans, and nonbinary folx have been almost entirely ignored by research to this day, there is anecdotal data to indicate nearly one in five American girls have either left school early or missed school entirely because they did not have access to period products.

No one should be held back by their body’s naturally occurring processes. Everyone should be empowered to reach their full potential – to be seen and supported.

In Mukilteo, we’ve launched a campaign asking Kamiak High School and the Mukilteo School District to address the issue.

As students, we deserve access to necessities that would allow us to learn in class uninterrupted. We should not be forced to choose between our education or our menstrual health.

If you support local students, show Kamiak High School that free menstrual products in the bathrooms are of the utmost importance. Speak out and don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard.


Ashley Duong, Jinyang (Alice) Zhang, and Ramya Arumilli



More thoughts on seat swaps


I honestly was appalled by the behavior by both Richard Emery and Scott Whelpley, more so Whelpley because contrary to what he said in The Beacon, he told me was swapping seats at 11 a.m. on the last day. He asked me to move. I told him I don't play those games.

I'm not a politician, and I have ethics. One of those is, if I do something, I own it. I lost a lost of respect for Whelpley after I read what he said. He's being dishonest at best.

Even if I weren't running, I would never vote for him after this.

There's an issue with the usage of the city hall by the LD21 Democrats, any meeting done at City Hall is required to be public.

They have voted, and in one instance called the police on one of their own members to kick them out because he was recording the meeting, also perfectly legal in a public forum, and in fact the City Hall camera is constantly recording. You in fact have seven days to request a copy of the recording.

Scott Whelpley's response to my complaint was to tell me he can't talk to me about it, and then after I told him how I felt about him being dishonest with the public, he blocked me on Facebook.

The ACLU has in fact called that a violation of the 1st Amendment and filed several lawsuits over it, and settled several.


Charles Eakins

City Council Position 4 candidate


Editor’s Note: We offered Scott Whelpley a chance to respond to the above letter. Here is Whelpley’s response: “Charlie is correct ... I tried to help him but he didn’t want it. And yes, I blocked him because I really don’t need to hear the angry abuse and threats to myself and the city. I just want him to leave me alone.”

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Posted by: Charles Eakins | Jun 12, 2019 22:55

Again Whelpley doesn't understand what the truth is, he first supported my run, then on the last day to file decided to play games. I never threatened him, and I challenge him to prove otherwise. Defamation doesn't look very good.

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