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Jul 10, 2019

WSF fares need increase, and thoughts on the campaign trail


Thanks for your story on the Washington State Ferries fare increase (“Ferry riders could see fare bumps over next year,” July 3 edition).

I conditionally support this, provided some fare relief for those commuters who take transit Washington State Ferries allow transfers on the ORCA Pod, and also at a future point-free bus passes for those transit systems not on the Central Puget Sound ORCA Consortium, like Skagit Transit and Sidney, B.C.'s BC Transit, please.

No seriously. If Washington State Ferries wants to work with public transit, that's a good place to help.

It is a substantial additional cost to building a ferry to create the surface area and strength to haul a 2,000 to 4,000 pound personal vehicle versus a passenger. This will help Washington State Ferries save money. Also offering a transfer like other ORCA users like Community Transit and Everett Transit do is only fair fare policy also and I hope the Washington State Transportation Commission will take this into consideration.

Finally, I have been relatively silent lately out of grave disappointment in the state of Mukilteo politics. So if any candidate for Snohomish County Council wants a transit advocate endorsement: First, support the above; second, demand an hourly connection between Seaway Transit Center, Future of Flight, and the Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal to connect Mukilteo to the SWIFT Green Line and Everett; and third, insist the Community Transit Board meet at the County Council chambers for transparency's sake and to encourage boardmembers to take transit.

I believe Mukilteo and Paine Field are being unintentionally underserved, if not at the business end of a "screw Mukilteo" agenda without these reforms.


Joe A. Kunzler

Skagit County


Siding with Sullivan


At the recent candidates’ forum for Snohomish County Council, Anna Rohrbough reportedly “criticized (Brian) Sullivan for a lack of communication over airport issues” regarding commercial air service at Paine Field. (“County Council challengers talk issues at candidate forum,” Mukilteo Beacon, July 3).

As a board member of Save Our Communities (SOC) since the early 2000s, I can testify to Sullivan’s commitment to preserving the quality of life in our community and his ongoing, extensive communications to that effect.

I don’t recall Ms. Rohrbough ever attending any of the SOC community meetings we held or ever helping to challenge the multiple issues that commercial service lays at our doorstep.


Greg Hauth



Political speak and Paine Field


Thank you for your article on the County Council candidate forum, it was very informative. My takeaway is some of our candidates are already adept at “political speak” when it comes to Paine Field.

While we know Mayor Jennifer Gregerson has fought against it and has always been against it, some other candidates didn’t quite answer as clearly. Without clearly stating she’s for expansion, Anna Rohrbough asking us to “take a breath” is the most ironic political speak for “I want more flights!” Telling us property values will go up? If we tried to show our house during a flyover, the perspective buyer wouldn’t hear a word the real estate agent said and would run for the hills.

Louis Harris “wants the current flight pattern to play out before there is any talk of expansion” – that’s a cop out; though at least he says he doesn’t support expansion.   Alex Lark to “take community input and take it to the federal level,” is political speak for “let the FAA decide.” We know how that worked out for us. He also touted the economic benefits, so it’s clear where he stands.

Tyler Verda “thinks it’s too early to discuss expansion.” While I was happy he wants to “see steps taken to mitigate the existing terminal before discussions about adding more flights,” by then it will be too late. That’s political speak for “it’s inevitable, let’s just make a fake effort for some concessions from the airlines.”

Cecilia Wilson also makes it clear where she stands. She feigns sympathy for those in the flight path but states it’s a “big economic engine” for the county. If you live anywhere in the flight path, you need to ask for a commitment to NO MORE FLIGHTS PERIOD from whomever you are thinking of supporting.

We are coming to a critical junction where those outside of Mukilteo, Edmonds, and Whidbey, the ones most affected by this, will push for expansion to Sea-Tac levels.

This isn’t wild speculation; it’s a fact.

If you don’t want to live in Sea-Tac or Burien, you need to fight and spread the word. We cannot sleep past 6:15 a.m. and it’s hard to sleep before the last flights. We may be a minority, but we shouldn’t be a silent one.

Keep complaining and make our so-called representatives actually represent us.

If we don’t, we will be telling our grandchildren what a great place Mukilteo USED to be!


Neal Thatcher




I connect with Gregerson


As a high school student, the prospect of day-to-day politics was often like a distant dream. Even the most pressing social issues are lost in a sea of fleeting news stories, and I could feel others around me distancing themselves from our political process.

Amidst the cynicism and political indecisiveness that afflicts the young people around me, figures like Jennifer Gregerson have the experience and initiative to connect with people in a way that brings clarity to the distant dream of everyday politics and guarantees social progress. I still the remember the days following the Parkland shooting. Inspired by students nationwide with similar motives to mine, I made the decision to do something more.  I proposed a gun violence prevention rally, and Jennifer gave me her full support. She helped facilitate the rally, even speaking out herself at the rally against gun violence.

What makes Jennifer Gregerson unique is that she cares not only about addressing the pressing issues of our day, but also about empowering people – especially youth – to do likewise.

Jennifer’s platform recognizes that gun violence is a public safety issue, and that as such local leaders need to stand up against it. In this way, it has influenced my own political activism.

Her endless support for me and my political efforts, her generous and selfless character, and her leadership skills and experience have cemented my support for her and should be enough to ensure support from anyone who cares about the future of our community.



Ketta Davis


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