Like weddings? See ‘It Shoulda Been You’

By Meredith Pechta, Theater Reviewer | May 09, 2012
Courtesy of: Village Theater John Patrick Lowrie, Jayne Muirhead, Leslie Law and John Dewar star in Village Theater's production of "It Shoulda Been You."

It’s almost guaranteed that something unexpected will happen at a wedding. This is exactly what happens in Village Theater’s musical comedy “It Shoulda Been You.”

Jenny is the sister of the bride. Being a bit older and a bit heavier, Jenny is having trouble not envying her sister Rebecca. Especially when Jenny’s best friend, Marty, makes it his mission to stop the wedding.

He used to be Rebecca’s boyfriend, but Jenny is the one who secretly pines for Marty. And than just when Jenny can breathe a sigh of relief, after the wedding, everything goes wrong.

She and the wedding coordinator, Albert, walk in on both the bride and the groom kissing – other people. All of which gives the second act an unpredictability that’s flabbergasting. The plot pretends to be on autopilot, but it isn’t.

This production has a very strong cast. In the central role is Kat Ramsburg, who plays Jenny. She’s a very dynamic presence, particularly when she sings. She can outshine any woman on the stage and will capture the audiences hearts.

Leslie Law plays Rebecca and Jenny’s interfering but lovable mother, Judy. She will no doubt remind many of Marie on “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

The part of the bride’s father, Murray Steinberg, goes to John Dewar. He was a lot of fun in last year’s “Iron Curtain.”

Maria Solar plays the blushing bride, Rebecca, who has more than one secret to hide. She is a wounded bird in a world of hawks.

Her intended, Brian Howard, is played by Timothy Wilson. He’s a momma’s boy who tries to make everybody happy.

Jayne Muirhead plays the boozy and snobbish mother of the groom, Georgette. To say she’s against her son’s marriage is an understatement. She can’t stand the idea of not being the center of her son’s world.

Her husband, George, is completely on board with sabotage. He lives his life as though he’s never had to talk to anyone in person. His hug attempts demonstrate how little he does it. Played by John Patrick Lowrie, he’s hilarious.

Playing the serene wedding coordinator, Albert, is Dennis Bateman. He nearly steals the show as he tries to keep a straight face while all hell breaks loose. His manner and appearance will remind many audience members of Ducky on “NCIS.”

Joshua Carter is terrific as Marty, the ex-boyfriend on a mission. His song titled “Whatever” is one of the most touching moments in the show.

Aaron C. Finley and Diana Huey play the best man, Greg, and maid of honor, Annie, respectively. Although how honorable they both are is in question. When they do a duet at the reception, it’s touching and side-splitting.

And Angie Louise and John David Scott play Albert’s assistants at the hotel. If you haven’t attended a great wedding in a while, stop in to see this one!

“It Shoulda Been You” is playing at the Everett Performing Arts Center April 27-May 20. For ticket information call 425-257-8600.

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