Lines blurred between what’s legal, illegal in gulch | Letter

Sep 03, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Legal or illegal, use it, lose it or abuse it, Japanese Gulch has become our liability ["Some just don't understand, Letters, page 4, Aug. 27].

Me, I voted to not purchase it. Mukilteo residents voted the same, against Mukilteo purchasing the 97-acre property because of the burdens ownership would bring.

This is a town that cannot afford to put pavement down on its streets – and yet the city councilmembers and the mayor, lobbied Brian Sullivan, ex-Mukilteo mayor and Snohomish County councilman, to have Snohomish County citizens purchase the land by way of grants.

Now Mukilteo taxpayers, who had voted to not buy Japanese Gulch, must pay for its maintenance and operations.

Hold back for a minute on the present arguments about the legality of who should have what stake in the Japanese Gulch. What about the Japanese citizens in Snohomish County? Shouldn’t they have a say in how these trails and trees are used?

The Japanese were legally (or was it illegally?) made to make the gulch their home in the 1900s when the Crown Lumber Co. was in its heyday.

So Charlie Pancerzewski best figure out – for legality’s sake – who the real stakeholders are and what is considered legal in Mukilteo.

I still have yet to figured out the Japanese Gulch Group and how it helped with anything either. I am for the BMX’ers.

Michael Young,


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