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By Don Saul | Jan 23, 2019

Indulge me for just a few sentences here … we were in Montana over Christmas, visiting our daughter’s family and our 3-month old grandson. Super cute, of course. One of the many things that caught my attention about him was how tuned-in he was to his parents’ voices.

The room was frequently bustling, so there were many sounds all around. But he knew when one of his parent’s was speaking, every time. I read up on the subject and, as you may already know, babies learn their parents’ voices while still in their muffled and cozy womb-home. Fascinating.

That experience caused me to ponder how well we hear God’s voice when he speaks to us.  Turns out, he was speaking to me my whole life, even before I became a Christian. I just didn’t recognize him.

But Jesus Christ wasn’t always recognized, either, even though he walked among us on Earth.  In Luke 2:42, the Bible relays the story of the time Jesus, then age 12, went at sat with the priests, elders, and teachers of the law, to listen and discuss theology and God.  In verse 47 Luke writes, “Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers.”

People believed Jesus because of what he said, not how he looked.  He certainly didn’t #look# like a rabbi! But the Bible says He was filled with wisdom and the grace of God was on him.

You’d think that anyone “filled with wisdom,” having the grace of God on him, and having understanding and knowledge, would kind of stick out as someone to pay attention to. But I think people are sometimes duped by counterfeits, and that clouds their vision. Just as a Northern Mockingbird can accurately recreate the sounds of other birds and animals to deceive predators, the devil is quite adept at sounding pretty attractive to deceive as many people as possible.

The devil wants to be equal with God, so with a modus operandi of stealing, killing, and destroying, he tries to draw as many people away from God as possible. So it’s super-important that we know how to hear God versus the imposters. I can give you a few techniques to help tune your hearing to God’s voice.

First, Romans 8:16 says our spirit and God’s Holy Spirit are in sync with each other. That means that we are actually born with a connection to God. Listen for his voice with your spirit.

Second, the Bible is the complete word of God to us, so read it, and you’ll hear God speaking to you through it. Love, forgiveness, acceptance, correction, rebuke, encouragement, motivation, teachings, and wisdom are all in there. The next time you are in a situation where you’re wondering if you’re hearing God or not, then ask yourself: is it confirmed in God’s word? If not, then you may want to proceed with caution.

And finally, Jesus says he’s actively pursuing you! “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.” (Revelation 3:20) 
It’s pretty difficult to ignore someone who is in your face trying to connect with you. But that’s Jesus: his love for you drives his motivation.


God #wants# to be found by you. He wants a relationship with you. So he works to be heard by you.  Don’t live your life with your ear buds on; listen for his voice.

If you turn your attention to him, I guarantee he will speak to you. You’ll recognize his voice; you’ve been hearing it your whole life.

Can you hear it? He’s at your door, knocking. All you have to do is open.

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