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By Pastor Mark Smith | Mukilteo Presbyterian Church | Jul 26, 2017

As the story goes, a gambler who rubbed Aladdin’s lamp was confronted by a genie that told him he could have one wish. The gambler pondered the gracious offer for a few moments and then made his pronouncement: “I wish to have tomorrow’s newspaper.”

The wish was quickly granted, and with greedy delight the gambler turned to the sports section that held the racing results. Now he could hurry to the track and place his bets on sure winners.

The smirk of satisfaction on his face was short-lived, for opposite the stock report was the obituary column and heading the list was his name. Now all his expected gains seemed like nothing. What good was it all when he would not be around tomorrow?

Jesus told this unforgettable story of a rich-but-foolish man who made his fortune and built up his plans for the future, but didn’t realize that his soul would be required of him that very night. The man thought he had it made, but life is uncertain. There are no guarantees. We may not even be here tomorrow. The future is a mystery and out of our control.

Of course, we should make plans and set goals. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, or making money or being prudent in preparing for the future. But we must make and hold to our plans lightly, knowing that anything can happen. There is a sense in which our plans should always be prefaced by the old expression: “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!”

What if we lived as if there were no tomorrow? What if we knew this was our only day to live? What would we do? How would we spend our time? Surely we would want to do what matters most to us, but what would it be? Our answers reveal our top priorities. Are we living them?

Life is a miracle, and each day is a gift from God. Let us treasure it.

"Be easy with life, for it is so fragile and never to be counted on. Each day is a gift, and if you take it gladly and thankfully and hold it as your most precious pearl, you will be close to understanding its value. Let not the night find you still waiting to live, still too cautious to invest your life, still not ready to begin the task of becoming. For life waits not, it hurries by and whispers, 'Come Along!'

“You can either join the celebration or simply stand and stare as all your todays become yesterdays, all your tomorrows race along the horizon into twilight and leave you with a torn parcel of memories wondering what might have happened if you had really dared to be alive."

– Anonymous


Mark Smith is the senior pastor of Mukilteo Presbyterian Church. The church is at 4514 84th Street SW in Mukilteo. For more information, visit

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