Livid over apparent racial profiling | Letter

Feb 12, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I was very disturbed and disappointed by something I witnessed on Saturday night in Mukilteo.  My son was playing basketball at Kamiak High School and several friends of kids on the team came out to watch and cheer on the Knights (that won two very close games).

The games ended, and everyone exited the gym. A few minutes later, we turned onto Harbour Pointe Boulevard and, between Kamiak and Harbour Pointe Middle School, we saw two police cars with lights flashing pulled up to the sidewalk.

As we drove by, I recognized three boys (probably 13 or 14), who had been watching the basketball games, being "talked to" by the police, with flashlights in their eyes.  Lights on the police cars were drawing lots of attention.

Now, I don't know what kind of trouble three boys, who just left a gym, could get into to draw the attention of the Mukilteo police.  They certainly didn't cause any trouble the two hours they were sitting in the gym, and they certainly didn't warrant two police cars, or flashlights or anything else.

It seems to go without saying that these boys were African American.  Really, Mukilteo, aren't we better than this?  Don't our police have better things to do?

I would suggest that our police chief look into this incident and talk to the officers involved to see what kind of probable cause they would have to even slow down while driving by these boys.

It’s disheartening to me to see this happen in our town.  As a parent, I would be livid if my sons were ever stopped and intimidated by lights and sirens while walking home from a basketball game, or school or anywhere else.


Camille Fitzpatrick,


Police officers were dispatched to the 10500 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard for a report of two juveniles assaulting a third. The officers determined that the three juveniles were friends and had just been playing. -Ed.

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