Local Girl Gets The Chance To Make It Big... With Your Help.

By Neatnics | Jun 16, 2012
Jolie Poirier


An Edmonds native is pursuing her dreams in the world of fashion and is challenging herself to win a small business grant with the support of her community.  Edmonds-Woodway High School grad and former Brighton School student, Kelsey Petersen (now known as designer Jolie Poirier), has the opportunity to secure a $250,000 grant for her small business. This is through Chase Manhattan Bank and Living Social's "Mission Small Business" grant program.  She is currently working to secure the 250 votes needed to move into the panel judging round.

Jolie (Kelsey) has been sewing and studying fashion since the age of four.  Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, she knew at a very young age her passion for design would eventually lead to a career in fashion.  Throughout middle school and  high school she created unique gowns for herself, family, and friends.  The EWHS senior prom of 2004 showcased five dresses that displayed her handiwork - four of which she made entirely herself and one she transformed from a thrift shop find into a beautiful gown through creative alterations.  She was also asked to display her work at the high school during graduation activities, and later mentored two other EWHS students interested in fashion.  She will be helping one of them make their own fashion debut next year.

After high school, Jolie continued her education self-teaching through books, mentors, and simple trial-and-error.  All the while working full time to save money to build her business.  In 2008 she was accepted to the New York Fashion Academy in Ballard, WA where she studied for six months before she was forced to make a decision between work and school.  After the tough decision to leave the school, she immersed herself in books and online research.  In 2010 Jolie was offered a full time job in Boston, prompting her to move to the east coast  to better position herself for fashion opportunities in and around New York.  She has spent the last two years doing research and building a plan to move into clothing production.  Currently residing in New Hampshire, she still makes regular trips to the Seattle area for shows and design work.  This summer she will be returning to attend the wedding of a client and longtime friend, another Edmonds native, whose bridal gown she was hired to design and produce.

Poirier was officially founded in 2008 as a small custom clothing design and alterations business, with a long-term plan to move into production.  Poirier's first fashion show in 2009 was with a local artist collaboration group known as Chance, held at the former Heaven Nightclub in Seattle, featuring eight one of a kind evening gowns.  Poirier has been involved with Chance, and its community of designers and artists, ever since.  Named Chance's "Designer of the Month" in February 2010 as well as December 2011, Jolie keeps in constant contact with the creative community in Seattle.  Currently planning a large, exclusive show in Seattle in November to reveal a new collection of exclusive gowns, she hopes to follow it in 2013 with an exclusive launch of a production line, debuted first in her hometown.

Having grown up in downtown Edmonds, Jolie's business aims to support smaller boutique clothing stores and a more "main street" shopping experience that is tailored to the customer's needs.
The grant program she is currently in will select twelve businesses to award $250,000 grants to.  The program is seeking small businesses that will support local communities through the way they conduct business, which is exactly what Jolie has planned for Poirier.
To be awarded the grant, businesses must accumulate 250 or more votes.  A panel of judges will review the applications and essays of those businesses who have met the 250 vote minimum and select twelve to receive grants from a grant pool of $3,000,000.

To vote for Poirier, simply visit www.missionsmallbusiness.com and select "Login and Support." Login using your Facebook account and search for Poirier.  The state of residence is New Hampshire.  Click "Support."


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