Local writer Carole Ridling and "THE HOMERUN KID"

THE HOMERUN KID is a book for anyone, child or adult, who has experienced setbacks in life, have the right attitude and triumphed over adversity.  Carole Ridling’s story is set in the South, amid a loving extended family.  The heroine’s power of observation and her keen intellect are a delight to discover.  The book’s story is an inspiration to anyone who lives with a physical handicap, but manages to create a full life, augmented by gutsy-ness, sees unlimited possibilities and adds a delicious sense of humor.  THE HOMERUN KID scores!


Carole Ridling has written THE HOMERUN KID as a fictional story based on similar instances in her life.  She was born with a physical disability 67 years ago.  A loving family and caring classmates were instrumental in her ability to attend regular classes at school.  Carole continued her education with two years of college.  Much of her family remains in Georgia, while Carole relocated to Edmonds, Washington with some other family members.  A daughter, 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren bless her life.  Hobbies include crocheting, writing and various arts and crafts.  As an active member of the local Senior Center in Lynnwood, she is involved in many voluntary classes and projects.

Carole dedicates this book to all the Charlies and Sarabeths (two fictional characters in the book) everywhere.

THE HOMERUN KID can be purchased online at Amazon.com and Authorhouse.com.  or Barnes and Noble.


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