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Nov 27, 2013

Nov. 20

Assist Fire – 6000 blk 88th St. S.W.

Officers responded to a possible house fire at the above location. Upon arrival, officers found a fully involved house fire. The resident was able to get her two kids out and officers retrieved her two dogs. All neighbors were accounted for and were safe. Fire crews eventually put out the house fire; it appeared to be a total loss. Arrangements were made to house the dogs at PAWS.

UIBC – 5300 blk H.P. Blvd.

A complainant came to the police station to report a renter who paid him with a check from a closed checking account. The case is under investigation.

Vehicle Prowl – 10700 blk 64th Pl. W.

A caller reported her unlocked truck was prowled sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning. A jacket and some keys were stolen.

Juvenile Problem – 4900 blk 101st Pl. S.W.

A caller reported she saw her daughter in the area. The daughter currently has an At Risk Youth warrant. She was gone on arrival.

Hit & Run/DUI – 10200 blk Harbour Pl.

Officers responded to the above area for a hit-and-run collision that just occurred. The caller reported that her vehicle was struck from behind by another vehicle and the other vehicle left the scene. The caller was treated at the scene for head and neck pain. A second caller reported that a vehicle with severe front-end damage ran the light at 44th Avenue and 84th Street S.W. The vehicle was eventually located parked in the 4400 block of 80th Street S.W. The officers contacted the registered owner, who was extremely intoxicated. She initially denied driving but also said that someone had backed into her vehicle. She was arrested and processed for DUI with breathalyzer results of .213 and .227. She was booked for felony hit-and-run.

Nov. 21

Found Property – 4600 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

Officers responded to the location for a bicycle found in the bushes. The bike appeared to have little value, and the officers did not take the bike.

Malicious Mischief – 900 blk 6th St.

An officer was dispatched to the above location for a broken window. The officer contacted the owner who stated that the incident occurred sometime during the night. There was no suspect information.

Child Pornography – 10800 blk Harbour Pointe Blvd.

An officer responded to the above location for a girl that had possibly sent nude pictures of herself to a known boy. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious Vehicle - 6200 blk St. Andrews Dr.

A caller reported a suspicious vehicle that was parked at the above address with some front-end damage. Upon arrival, a records check was done on a White Honda, which came back clear and was not occupied.

Assault 4 – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

Officers responded to the above residence for a report of a domestic disturbance. The officers determined that a subject assaulted her mother. She was booked into the Denney Youth Center.

Suspicious – 12000 blk Wilmington Way

A newspaper deliverer reported seeing a male dressed in black, possible carrying crowbar. He was not located. An alarm was located sounding at a nearby residence. The backdoor was unsecure and the house was searched. The house was for sale and vacant. No one was inside and nothing appeared to be suspicious. The officers secured the house prior to leaving.

Nov. 22

Juvenile Problem – Concord Way & Wilmington Way

A caller advised that her daughter jumped out of the car because she was upset that she didn’t finish her homework. The daughter eventually walked to her father’s place of work and was transported back home.

Theft – 2600 blk Mukilteo Speedway

A caller reported the theft of a clarinet from the location.

Animal Problem – 400 blk 4th St.

A caller reported for the last 30 minutes a dog has been barking in the fenced yard nearby. An officer arrived and heard the dog barking. The officer contacted the dog’s owner, who said she would be home in a few minutes to put the dog inside.

Suspicious Circumstance – 13200 blk 46th Pl. W.

A resident advised that he thought someone came into his garage and disconnected a battery. The caller thought it might have been a neighbor. There was nothing suspicious nor was there any evidence found.

Animal Complaint – 7300 blk 48th Ave. W.

A caller reported a barking dog outside at a neighbor’s house and nobody was home. The officer contacted a resident who just got back home. He said the dogs may have been outside earlier but were now inside. The resident was advised of the complaint.

Juvenile Problem – 12300 blk H.P. Blvd.

Staff at the location reported an out-of-control student trying to walk off campus. Officers brought the student back to the principal’s office, and his mother eventually arrived and took him home.

Follow-Up – 6500 blk St. Andrews Dr.

A homeowner’s daughter expressed some frustration with recent malicious mischief incidents at her parent’s home. The caller requested police interrogate the neighbors. An officer advised her that police had already conducted their initial investigation of the malicious mischief complaint, and that the neighbors denied any knowledge of the damage. She requested extra patrols at night.

Unattended Death – 10900 blk 59th Ave. W.

A neighbor located a man deceased in his bedroom. Nothing suspicious was found and no family was located in state. His nearest kin resides in California. A chaplain responded to assist the family with funeral arrangements.

Custody Problem – 10600 blk 47th Pl. W.

A girl called 911 because she did not want to go home with her father for a court ordered visitation. The family compromised and she agreed to go with her father for dinner.

Vehicle Prowl – 4200 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

A caller reported that her purse and cellphone were taken from her unlocked vehicle in the above parking lot. Her credit card was then used a short time later. The case is under investigation.

Negligent Driving – 12200 blk SR-525

Officers responded to a report of a vehicle high-centered on the median and facing the wrong direction. The driver reportedly fled on foot into a nearby parking lot. The driver was located a few hours later at her boyfriend’s residence. She acknowledged she had been drinking and that her young daughter had been in the vehicle with her. The case will also be referred to Child Protective Services.

Hit & Run – 13500 blk 42nd Ave. W.

Officers responded to multiple reports of a Dodge truck driving recklessly through the area that struck a bank of mailboxes. The front license plate was left at the scene. An officer located the unoccupied truck along the 4900 block of 131st Street S.W. with extensive front-end damage.

Suspicious – 4800 blk 131st St. S.W.

While on the above call, dispatch advised of two calls from the listed location. The first was from a male who wanted to report that his girlfriend had stolen his Ford Taurus. The second caller reported that his truck had been stolen. There were several inconsistencies in the second caller’s story and the girlfriend denied taking the Taurus or truck. The case under investigation.

Suspicious – 10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

A complainant came to the police station to report he had been assaulted earlier by his girlfriend. He refused to provide any additional information.

Nov. 23

Assist Aid – 1000 blk Campbell Ave.

Officers were initially dispatched to a suspicious circumstance report of some cries for help from a home on the corner of Campbell Avenue and 11th Street. The caller reported someone stuck their head out of the house, yelled for help and then went back inside the house. Officers responded to the location and contacted the homeowner who said he thought he was having a heart attack. Aid responded and verified the homeowner was fine.

Collision – 3800 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

A passerby reported two subjects involved in a collision involving a juvenile on a bicycle. An officer located a boy in a nearby parking lot. The boy said he was riding his bike on the road and rode into a moving vehicle, bending his front bicycle tire. The driver of the vehicle checked on the boy and made sure he was OK. There were no injuries or other damages reported. The boy’s father arrived, and the officer assisted with getting the two back home.

Fire Assist – Harbour Pl. & SR-525

Dispatch advised that aid was en route to a report of an older man slumped over to the side in a red car. No vehicle or “slumper” was located.

Vehicle Prowl/Theft – 12300 blk H.P. Blvd.

A caller reported that her vehicle was broken into and that checks were stolen and had been fraudulently used. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious – 10500 blk 53rd Ave. W.

A caller reported that her daughter received threatening emails. An officer found the juvenile received three emails from an unknown person making references to classes that she attends. Parents requested the incident be documented.

Animal Complaint – 5000 blk 88th St. S.W.

A caller reported “loud yippee dogs” barking for the past 90 minutes behind his house. An officer heard the dogs barking and posted a warning notice on their door.

Welfare Check – 1100 blk Mukilteo Ln.

The Coast Guard advised that a boat had been taking on water and the two occupants had to wade to shore somewhere along the tracks. The subjects were located with the assistance of the Fire Department and a Coast Guard helicopter. An officer transported the subjects to a local hotel.

Collision – Harbour Reach Dr. & H.P. Blvd. S.W.

Vehicle 1 backed into Vehicle 2. There were no injuries.

Nov. 24

Traffic Complaint – 12700 blk SR-525

A caller reported a blue El Camino swerving all over the roadway and then pulled into the 7-Eleven parking lot. The El Camino was gone on arrival.

Animal Complaint – 8900 blk 44th Ave. W.

A caller reported he found a cat with a name tag. The caller said he thinks it belongs in the neighborhood, so he would put it in a kennel and feed it for the time being.

Traffic Complaint – Chennault Beach Rd.& SR-525

A caller reported a Ford Escape almost caused a head-on collision because it was weaving. The vehicle was not located.

Harassment – 9700 blk Marine View Dr.

An officer was dispatched to a report of threats that had just occurred at the above location. A contractor working at the location reported that a sub-contractor working for her had just threatened to punch her and her husband, and had just left in a vehicle. They just wanted the incident documented.

Harassment – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

A caller reported receiving harassing phone calls regarding a Craigslist ad. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious – 84th St. S.W. & Graham Way

An officer was dispatched to an area check for a male walking erratically back and forth on 84th Street S.W. The subject was not located.

Nov. 25

Burglary – 12100 blk Cyrus Way

An officer responded to the location for a burglary report. An unknown suspect cut a hole in the fence and stole landscaping equipment over the weekend. The neighboring business might have video of the incident. The case is under investigation.

Disturbance – 3800 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

Officers responded to the area for an intoxicated man. The officers found him so intoxicated that he could not care for himself and had him transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

Animal Complaint – 1000 blk Goat Trail Loop Rd.

An officer responded to the area for a barking dog complaint. She reported that there was possibly barking coming from the location and put a warning notice on the door.

Traffic Complaint – 8000 blk SR-525

Staff at the location reported that a patient drove home after being advised not to. She was not located.

Suspicious – 10200 blk SR-525

Officers responded to the location because an employee asked a customer to stop swearing and the customer got upset with the employee. The customer was gone on arrival.

Narcotics – 4600 blk H.P. Blvd.

Officers responded to the location for juveniles smoking marijuana behind the library. They were gone on arrival.

Warrant Service – 4900 blk 101st Pl. S.W.

Officers responded to the location and arrested a teen on an outstanding At Risk Youth warrant. She was booked into the Denney Youth Center.

Traffic Collision – 92nd St. S.W. & SR-525

Officers responded to the above intersection for a two-vehicle collision. There were no injuries.

Assault – 5000 blk H.P. Blvd.

Officers responded to Colby hospital for a report of a male who got beat up at school today. The student reported that he was beat up on two separate occasions today by two different males. The case is under investigation.

ATL – 600 blk Front St.

Island County advised that a man just got on the ferry to Mukilteo and he has a misdemeanor warrant out of Everett. They said that he was a walk-on and was wearing a red jacket and “PJs.” He was not located.

Found Property – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

A caller reported finding a set of keys left in the mailbox. An officer returned them to the owner.

TMVWOP – 8400 blk SR-525

Officers responded to assist a Washington State Patrol trooper on a traffic stop. It was determined that the young male driver had taken his mother’s vehicle without permission. The charges will be referred to the prosecutor.

Attempted Theft – 2600 blk SR-525

While on patrol, an officer found that someone moved the large propeller from near the flagpole at the location. It appeared that they got stuck trying to cross the sidewalk. No one was located and nothing else appeared to be disturbed.

Nov. 26

Follow-Up/Theft – 2600 blk SR-525

An employee at the location observed a white or silver Ford Escort leaving the parking lot. The Escort was pulling a trailer with their decorative boat propeller on it. Officers located the trailer with the propeller on it a short distance away, but the car was not with it. Public Works brought the propeller back to the school and the trailer was impounded by Hanson’s Towing.

Welfare Check – 12300 blk H.P. Blvd.

Officers responded to check on a male that was sitting in the garden and yelling at passing cars. He was gone on arrival.

Hit & Run – 800 blk Mukilteo Ln.

A caller reported that an unknown vehicle hit the fence at the location and left the scene. There were no suspects.

Information/Agency Assist – 2600 blk SR-525

An employee at the location reported that he received death threats last night from his son-in-law. The son-in-law lives in Arlington, and Arlington police responded last night to investigate the incident. The principal wanted Mukilteo police aware of the incident in case the son-in-law came to the school.

Burglary – 2300 blk Washington Ave.

An officer responded to the location for several storage units that were broken into. No more information was available.

Suspicious – 4200 blk Russell Rd.

An officer responded to a suspicious black male looking into vehicles at the location. He was not located.

Unwanted Subject – 12600 blk SR-525

Officers responded to the location for a subject that threatened to drive into the building because they previously impounded his vehicle. He was gone on arrival.

Loud Music – 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

A complainant reported hearing loud music at the above location. An officer deemed the music not to be excessively loud.

Agency Assist – 14000 blk 55th Ave. W.

Everett police asked officers to watch for an assault suspect. She was driving a gold Chrysler and possibly en route to the ferry.

CPS – 84th St. S.W.

A CPS worker requested officers standby while she remove a 1-year-old child from the residence due to unsafe living conditions. The CPS worker had been in the residence earlier in the day and observed unhealthy conditions and drug paraphernalia in close proximity to the baby. The child was removed without incident.

Civil – 8300 blk 45th Pl. W.

A resident advised that three subjects entered her home without her permission, looking for her son. Officers found that the three were “fugitive recovery agents” looking to arrest the resident’s son. The officers explained to her that she had agreed to allow the agents to enter her home when she signed the bail agreement. The woman claimed that she had not seen her son in more than two months and had no idea where he was.

DWLS – 12100 blk Harbour Reach Dr.

An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and found the driver was driving with a suspended license. He was cited and released.

Warrant Arrest X4 – 3900 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

While on patrol outside the location, an officer contacted numerous people who reported they were associated with a room there. A short time later, the management at the hotel requested police assistance with escorting the occupants out of the room and off the premises. Officers contacted six people in the room. All the subjects were trespassed from the premises at the request of the management. Four of the subjects were arrested on warrants. One subject was booked at Lynnwood Jail while the three other arrestees were booked at Snohomish County Jail.

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