Log of 911 calls to Mukilteo police for week of April 9 | Police beat

Apr 09, 2014

April 2

Suspicious – 12400 blk SR-525

An officer responded to the location for a suspicious report. A caller found syringes and then threw them away. The caller also found that the fence was cut and it appeared someone has been going through it. The owner of the fence was already aware of the cut in the fence.

Traffic – 2600 blk SR-525

An officer responded to a complaint of a 2011 Black Ford Explorer driving erratically. The officer checked the area and the vehicle was not located.

Follow-Up – 9500 blk 49th Ave. W.

An officer responded to a follow-up to the above dog bite case. The complainant advised the owner of the dog that attacked his dog was refusing to pay his vet bill. He was advised that it was a civil issue and referred to small claims court.

Collision – 84th St. S.W. & SR-525

Officers responded to the location for a collision. Vehicle 1 made a wide turn, crossing into the south bound left turn lane and striking Vehicle 2.

Theft – 4600 blk Harbour Pointe Blvd.

An officer responded to the location for a theft report. The caller had left a tablet unattended and it had been taken.

Theft – 4600 blk H.P. Blvd.

While at the location on the above theft complaint, the officer was contacted by another subject who had left their iPhone 4 unattended and it had been taken.

Assist Aid – 9800 blk 50th Ave. W.

Officers responded to the adult family home at the location for an out-of-control patient. One of the elderly disabled patients had been throwing things and trying to walk, even though she was in a wheelchair. Caregivers advised her medications had been changed and she was not reacting well to them. Aid transported the patient to a hospital for an evaluation.

Assist Law – 8200 blk SR-525

An officer responded to the location at the request of ICOM to attempt to contact the owner of a cellphone that they had received a call from in which yelling and screaming were heard. ICOM wanted the officer to see if the owner of the phone knew where the phone was. There was no answer at the door.

Narcotics – 10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

An officer was contacted at the police station regarding a narcotics complaint. The officer determined that the complainant wanted to report an incident that occurred outside the city. The officer referred the complainant to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

Animal – 4900 blk 99nd Pl. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to the report of a brown, medium-sized, short-haired dog running loose. The officer checked the area, but was unable to find the offending pooch.

Traffic – SR-525 & Bernie Webber Dr.

An officer stopped a driver for a lighting violation and issued him a criminal citation for failing to notify the DOL while in possession of the title of a destroyed vehicle.

Warrant – 11900 blk Cyrus Way

While on patrol, an officer saw something suspicious under the tall trees at the location. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be three subjects sleeping under the trees. The officer contacted a subject and determined that one of the subjects had a third-degree theft warrant out of Shoreline with $1,500 bail. Shoreline confirmed the warrant. A Shoreline officer met a transport officer at Top Foods, at 220th St. S.W. and Highway 99.

April 3

Identity Theft – 1000 blk Goat Trail Loop Rd.

An officer was contacted at police station regarding an identity theft complaint. Someone tried to open an insurance policy using the victim’s information. There was no loss at this time.

Identity Theft – 9200 blk 60th Ave. W.

An officer responded to the above address for an identity theft complaint. The caller went to file her income taxes and was rejected. She was advised someone had already filed using her Social Security number. She had already contacted IRS and FTC.

Hazard – Randolph Ave. & Ridge St.

An officer responded to the above location for a report of a street sign down. Upon arrival, there were no street signs down.

Animal – 8700 blk 46th Pl. W.

An officer was dispatched to the above location for a report of two chickens in the caller’s yard. The officer referred the caller to Pasado’s Safe Haven, as PAWS does not accept farm animals.

Missing Person – 13500 blk 42nd Ave. W.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a missing child at the above location. Officers were canceled prior to arrival, as the child had been found.

Traffic – 8200 blk 44th Ave. W.

An officer was dispatched to the above location for a report of a gun metal gray BMW that was traveling at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was reportedly parked and unoccupied. The officer was still en-route at press time.

Collision – Evergreen Dr. & SR-525

Officers responded to a motorcycle versus pickup truck collision at the above location. The motorcyclist was passing traffic in the bicycle lane and struck a pickup truck. Officers were still on scene at press time.

Juvenile – 8600 blk 45th Pl. W.

An officer made a phone call regarding a juvenile problem. The officer spoke to a mother concerned because her son was being goaded (possibly bullied) by another juvenile. The officer recommended that she might get some relief through the school, or in a conference between herself and the juvenile’s parents. She asked about an anti-harassment order, and the officer advised her on that subject as well.

Suspicious – 10800 blk 53rd Ave. W.

A caller said that about 30 minutes earlier a burgundy Honda Civic stopped in front of her house. A passenger in the car took a photo of her house, and then the car drove away. She called so that the police were aware. An officer encouraged her to call sooner next time.

Harassment – 4200 blk Russell Rd.

An officer was dispatched to a report of harassment. A caller pulled into a driveway and cut off a recycling van. The driver of the van was upset, got out of his vehicle and pounded on the caller’s vehicle windows to the point that she was afraid they were going to break.

Found – 10900 blk H.P. Blvd.

An officer found a wallet lying on the ground outside of the Shell station. The wallet contained ID and some cash. Officers were unable to make contact with the owner and booked the wallet as found property.

Suspicious – 5600 blk 94th St. S.W.

A caller reported a strange woman ringing his doorbell for the past 30 minutes. The woman turned out to be vendor who had been doing business with the caller’s wife.

Shoplift – 11700 blk SR-525

The manager at QFC reported seeing a black man in his 30s or 40s, dressed in a tan sports jacket and dark tie inside the store acting suspicious. The man was trying to avoid store employees. He was last seen in the liquor department. The man left the store about five minutes before police arrived. Officers conducted an extensive search, but did not locate him. According to QFC, the man stole about $88 worth of vodka, but left four other bottles of liquor in the cart he was pushing.

Parking – 1500 blk Washington Ave.

Officers were dispatched to the report of a travel trailer parked illegally on the street in front of the above address for the past two weeks. An extension cord was running from the house to the travel trailer. Officer issued a warning notice for the violation and chalked the vehicle’s tires. Nobody answered the door at the house or the travel trailer.

Suspicious – 4900 blk 95th St. S.W.

Officers were dispatched to the report of an order violation in progress. Ultimately, no order violation occurred.

Paper Service – 8900 blk 48th Pl. W.

Officers served a temporary order for protection.

Noise – 10200 blk Harbour Pl.

A resident called to complain about the construction noise. An officer spoke with the construction supervisor, who agreed to quiet the noise.

Open Door – 800 blk 2nd St.

Officers were dispatched to the above address, when the homeowner came home to discover her front door slightly open. The officers searched the house, but found nothing suspicious. It appeared that the door may not have been fully closed and blew open due to the wind.

DWLS 3 – 3900 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

An officer stopped and wrote the driver for driving with a suspended license and no proof of liability insurance.

April 4

Suspicious – 5600 blk 110th Pl. S.W.

A caller reported that about 10 minutes prior to calling, a man was trying to drop off a black bag in the ravine. He thought it might be related to a drug deal. He said there is a “chronic problem” with narcotics at the ravine across from his house. The caller requested extra patrol. The suspicious man was not located.

Suspicious – 12300 blk SR-525

A caller reported that another vehicle “tailgated” her. She said that he then was “fumbling” with a lock on a storage unit. Officers were delayed because of the above call. The vehicle was not located.

Suspicious – 3900 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

A caller reported that her name and phone number had been placed on BackPage.com in an ad associated with an escort service.

Suspicious – 3900 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

The manager at the Extended Stay reported a black vehicle occupied by three men had been in the parking lot for a while and he suspected drug activity. The officers contacted the men. They said that they had been waiting for a friend who had been staying at the hotel and denied any drug involvement. One had a warrant out of Maryville for malicious mischief. He was transported and booked into the Marysville Jail.

Suspicious – 600 blk Front St.

Officers responded to the above area for a man and woman who appeared to be very intoxicated. The woman had crawled out of the restroom after being confused about how to wash her hands. They were not located.

ID Theft – 800 blk Webster St.

A caller reported that someone used her Social Security number to file a tax return.

Theft 3 – 11700 blk SR-525

Officers responded to the QFC for a shoplifting that just occurred. The suspects were last seen leaving in a blue pickup truck. The officers located the truck a few blocks away. The stolen items were in the bed of the pickup. Three subjects were cited and released for third-degree theft.

Assist Fire – 6000 blk 126th St. S.W.

Officers responded to the above residence for a possible house fire. The homeowner said that his garage door opener overheated, but did not cause a fire. The Fire Department confirmed there was no fire.

Follow Up/Arrest – 10200 blk Harbour Pl .

A caller said that he reported his iPhone stolen a few days ago. He said that he just received a call from a man offering to sell it back to him for $50. The officers had the caller arrange to meet the man at Walgreen’s, where the officers arrested him. He claimed that he bought the phone from someone for $50. He said that he was trying to get the phone back to its rightful owner and just wanted to recoup his $50. He was cited and released for third-degree possession of stolen property.

Found – 4400 blk 75th St. S.W.

A caller found a .22 caliber bullet on his driveway. He also found his own hatchet a few feet away on the ground and said it had been moved by someone from the other side of his yard. He requests extra patrol.

Suspicious – 5200 blk 104th St. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to check for six juveniles going door-to-door asking people for packets of sugar. The subjects were not located.

Juvenile – 4500 H.P. Blvd.

A caller reported finding a barefoot 14-year-old boy wandering around the complex who claimed to have been kicked out of his apartment. The officer determined that the juvenile had snuck out of his apartment at On the Green and was returned home to his father.

Collision – 92nd St. S.W. & SR-525.

Vehicle 2 was stopped and was struck from behind by Vehicle 1. There were no injuries.

Found – Lighthouse Park

An officer found a backpack while closing the park. It was booked for safekeeping.

Noise – 4800 blk Ellis Way

An officer was dispatched to a report of a large party with loud music. The homeowner agreed to have everyone quite down.

Assist Aid – 8800 blk 46th Pl. W.

An officer was dispatched to a report of a woman who drank bleach. She had mistaken a cup of bleach set out for some ear piercings as a cup of water. She was evaluated by aid at the scene.

Suspicious – Goat Trail Rd. & 8th St.

An officer contacted a man sleeping in a vehicle. He had a warrant out of Burlington for driving with a suspended license. Burlington declined to confirm the warrant. The subject agreed to arrange for someone to drive him out of Mukilteo.

April 5

Juvenile – 5200 blk 104th St. S.W.

Officers were dispatched to the above residence for a disturbance. The officers found that a daughter was upset because she was grounded. There was no assault and the daughter calmed down.

Agency Assist – 10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

A Bothell officer requested an officer call regarding possible fraudulent checks being cashed at an unknown bank in the Mukilteo area. An officer answered his questions and referred him to detectives for further details.

Theft – 10100 blk 63rd Pl. W.

A man called from Florida regarding a theft report. He said that he used a moving company to move from Mukilteo to Florida. When the truck arrived, he found that one of his guns was missing. It could not be determined from where the guns were stolen. He agreed to contact the moving company and his local police department.

Suspicious – 9700 blk Harbour Pl.

Officers responded to a report of a suspicious van parked behind the building. The caller said that it “doesn’t belong to any of the buildings.” The officers found nothing suspicious. The van was registered out of Mukilteo.

Suspicious – 9500 blk 49th Ave. W.

Officers responded to report that people were living in the gulch. The officers found an old camp, but no one appeared to be currently living there.

Traffic – 9800 blk Marine View Dr.

A caller reported that about 10 minutes prior to calling a black Ford Explorer was speeding through the neighborhood. It was not located.

Suspicious – 1100 blk 8th Dr.

An officer was dispatched to a possible fraud report. A caller reported that this morning he sold a car on Craigslist and now the new owner was reselling it for more money. There was no evidence of illegal activity.

Suspicious – 11900 blk 59th Ave. W.

A neighbor reported a suspicious man standing near the corner of their house and “looking at the bushes.” Officers contacted the man and determined he was there waiting for his son. No problems.

Juvenile – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

Officers were dispatched to check for a group of juveniles playing in the woods with bows and arrows that were frightening younger juveniles. The subjects were not located.

Welfare Check – 9200 blk SR-552

An officer stopped a suspected DUI and determined that the driver was actually having a medical problem. She was evaluated by aid and transported home by a friend.

Disturbance – 600 blk Front St.

Officers responded to a report of a disturbance between a man and woman. An intoxicated man had been making romantic advances toward a friend. Other bar patrons/employees became concerned and confronted the man and an argument started to escalate. Officers determined there had been no assault or other crime and the two subjects had never been involved in any type of dating relationship, etc. Arrangements were made for them to leave the location separately from each other.

Juvenile – 9600 blk 58th Pl. W.

A caller reported that his 15-year-old son snuck out of the house tonight. He believed he was likely at a friend’s house in the county but did not want Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies to check the residence or file a report. The officer provided him with at-risk youth information.

April 6

Hazard – Paine Field Blvd. & SR-525

Several motorists reported wood in the roadway at the location. The debris had been moved out of the roadway prior to the officers’ arrival.

Identity Theft – 4800 blk 131st St. S.W.

Someone used a caller’s Social Security number to file taxes. She was refereed to the IRS.

Suspicious – 600 blk Front St.

A caller reported a subject filling up 10 orange Home Depot buckets with rocks from the park. The subject was gone on arrival and the landscaping rocks did not appear to have been messed with.

Found – Harbour Reach Dr. & H.P. Blvd. S.W.

A caller turned in a set of Honda car keys that she found at the location. They were booked as found property.

Theft – 7900 blk SR-525

A caller reported that her cellphone was stolen yesterday. The case is under investigation.

Juvenile – Mukilteo Lane & Park Ave.

BNSF reported two juveniles climbing on the signal masts. They were not located.

Traffic – 8400 blk SR-525

An officer was dispatched to a report of an erratically driven vehicle. The vehicle was located parked at 7-Eleven and the driver was warned.

Welfare Check – 700 blk Front St.

An employee reported there was an intoxicated woman who was having difficulty finding her room. The guest did not require medical attention and was escorted to her room.

DUI – 92nd St. S.W. & SR-525

An officer was dispatched to an area check for a possible DUI. The officer located the unoccupied vehicle at the registered owner’s address and conducted a welfare check. The driver was not intoxicated.

Hazard – 92nd St. S.W. & SR-525

An unoccupied vehicle was blocking the roadway. The driver had run out of gas and was located at 7-Eleven. He was transported back to the vehicle with a can of gas and moved the vehicle out of the roadway.

Suspicious – 600 Front St.

A caller reported there were several people in the park with fires after dark. The caller was advised that the park was still open. Some of the subjects were burning pallets and were advised to stop.

Welfare Check – 10900 blk SR-525

An employee reported there was a man sleeping in a vehicle for the past hour. The man stated he was too tired to drive and took a cab home to Arlington.

Juvenile – 9500 blk 56th Ave. W.

A caller reported that his 14-year-old daughter snuck out of the house about two hours ago. They called the parents of her best friend and discovered that their daughter had done the same. Both juveniles returned home a short time later.

Illegal Dumping – 11700 SR-525

An officer contacted a man who dumped several of his garbage cans full of recyclables into the dumpsters behind QFC. The officer left a message with QFC in the event the manager wishes to press charges.

Assist Law – 2700 blk Lincoln Way

An officer responded to assist with traffic control at a small commercial fire.

April 7

Found – 8200 blk 44th Ave. W.

A caller requested contact due to finding a syringe in the parking lot. An officer disposed of the syringe in a sharps container.

Agency Assist – 6300 blk Clubhouse Ln.

Bothell police requested an officer check the above residence for a vehicle. The vehicle was not there and the Bothell Police Department was advised.

Assist Fire – Double Eagle Dr. & H.P. Blvd. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to the location for a man who had apparently fallen in the roadway. A passer-by was blocking traffic for the subject until an ambulance arrived. While the officer was en route, dispatch advised to cancel because the subject had vertigo and someone had given him a ride from the location.

Theft – 300 blk Lincoln Ave .

A caller advised that his wallet and iPhone were stolen on April 6. The caller advised that he laid both items down while playing ping pong and left without them. When he returned, they were gone. The caller advised that he would attempt to obtain the serial number for his phone and call back with that information.

Burglary – 1500 blk Mukilteo Ln.

A caller reported that sometime between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. today, someone broke a window in his front door, reached in, unlocked the door and made entry. Two laptop computers were taken. There are no suspects at this time.

Theft – 10800 blk H.P. Blvd.

An officer responded to the police station for a cold theft report. The complainant advised that her daughter lost her phone back in March. It had not been reported stolen. The woman told the officer that she just received a phone call from a man claiming to have found the phone and wanting a reward. The call came from a restricted number, so there was no number available. When she told the man that she would not give him a reward, he advised her that he would sell the phone. The woman provided the officer with the serial number on the phone. The officer listed it as stolen.

Suspicious – 5000 blk Graham Way

A caller requested an officer check for two subjects who came to her door 15 minutes prior to calling and tried to sell her steak. They were associated with a white van. They were not located.

Burglary – 8100 blk Naketa Beach Rd.

An officer was dispatched to the above location for a residential burglary report. The officer was still on scene at press time. No further information was available.

Malicious Mischief – 66th Pl. W. & Marine View Dr.

BNSF reported that four juveniles were throwing rocks at passing trains. An officer was still on scene at press time.

Animal – 400 blk 4th St.

A man called to complain about a dog barking near the above address. He asked to speak to an officer. The officer called, and left a voicemail message. The caller never called back.

Suspicious – 4900 blk 101st Pl. S.W.

A caller reported that her daughter, a reported juvenile runaway with warrants, was just seen walking southbound on 48th Avenue W. with a subject. The daughter had a misdemeanor warrant for an at-risk youth violation. The officers did not find her or the other subject.

Animal – 600 blk Front St.

A caller reported that a loose pitbull attacked her and her dog near the “pagoda” at Lighthouse Park. She told dispatch that she did not want officer contact, and she had left prior to officer’s arrival. The first officers were on-scene three minutes after they were dispatched. The officers walked through the entire park. There were many dogs in the park, all on leashes. None of them resembled a pitbull. An officer attempted to make telephone contact with the caller. She did not answer her phone when he called. He left her a voicemail message.

Marijuana – 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

A caller reported smelling the odor of burnt marijuana coming from her neighbor’s apartment. Officers contacted five subjects. They admitted to smoking marijuana and agreed to stop.

Found – 3800 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

The clerk at AM/PM found a loaded syringe full of suspected heroin in the restroom. The officer collected the syringe and disposed of it in the sharps container at the police station.

DWLS 3 – York Rd. & Beverly Park Rd.

An officer stopped a driver for driving with a suspended license and cited her for the same. She also issued an infraction for failure to provide proof of liability insurance.

Suspicious – 5900 blk 96th St. S.W.

A caller reported a suspicious dark colored Lexus that was parked in front of his house for over an hour with the lights on and music playing loudly. Officers contacted the two occupants. The driver was dropping off his friend. They were parked in front of the friend’s house, talking.

Assist Law – 3500 blk Lincoln Way

Officers assisted numerous Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies as they surrounded a detached garage, called out, and then took two men into custody at the above address. The men were suspected of involvement in a drive-by shooting in Marysville.

April 8

Follow Up – 10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

An officer contacted the driver of an injury collision at the police station for a written statement.

Collision – SR-525 & Goat Trail Rd.

Officers responded to a four-vehicle collision with no reported injuries. All vehicles were southbound on SR-525. One vehicle stopped to turn left onto Goat Trail Road, the three vehicles behind him did not stop. Two of the vehicles were impounded.

911 Hang-Up – 4400 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

An officer contacted the caller, who turned out to be a repo guy calling 911 to advise where and when he would be performing a repossession.

Collision – 4700 blk 88th St. S.W.

Vehicle 1 crossed into the opposite lane in order to make a wide right turn, Vehicle 2, which was following Vehicle 1, struck Vehicle 1 in the right rear corner when it was pulling into the driveway.

Public Assist – 900 blk SR-525

A caller, Korean man in his mid-60s, flew into SeaTac today from Korea, and took the Sounder to Mukilteo. He was trying to walk to his friend’s barbershop in the 17400 block of Highway 99. The officer deciphered this information via the language line. He gave the man a courtesy ride to the barbershop.

Traffic – H.P. Blvd. S.W. & SR-525

A passer-by called to report that a deer appeared to by trying to cross Harbour Pointe Boulevard S.W. going southbound. The officer stood by to make sure that the deer could safely cross.

Suspicious – 10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

A caller reported that she had some possible suspect information regarding recent burglaries in Mukilteo. She said a man named “Kevin” tried to sell a Cadillac to her brother. One of their neighbors claimed to have seen the Cadillac leaving the scene of a nearby burglary.

Civil Standby – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

A caller requested that officers stand-by while he retrieved four items from the location. He was previously arrested for driving with a suspended license by officers, and had been difficult to deal with during that arrest. He was again very passive aggressive with the officers. Officers stood by, while the man was allowed to collect two of the four items. He was told if he wanted the other items, he would have to get a judge to order it.

Suspicious – 7600 blk 45th Pl. W.

A caller report a strange smaller two-door Honda-like vehicle parked in front of her house. As officers were en route, they were advised that the caller heard sounds of the vehicle leaving rapidly. When officers arrived, the vehicle was gone.

DWLS 1 – 3800 blk H.P. Blvd.

An officer observed a blonde man pull into the location to get gas. When the driver saw the officer, he quickly went inside the business. The officer contacted the driver when he returned to the car. The driver was driving with a suspended license. The driver initially claimed that he had not driven. When faced with the officer’s observation, and the fact that the man who was with him also had a suspended license, the man confessed to driving.

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