Log of 911 calls to Mukilteo police for week of Dec. 31 | Police Beat

Dec 31, 2013

Dec. 24

Alarm – 10900 blk of SR-525

An officer responded to the location and found a delivery person accidentally set off the alarm.

Vehicle prowl – 12500 blk of 54th Ave. W.

A caller reported his unlocked vehicle was prowled overnight and some change and garage door opener was taken.

Alarm – 10900 blk of 60th Ave. W.

An officer responded to the location, but the alarm was canceled prior to arrival.

Fire assist – 6300 blk of Chennault Beach Dr.

Officers responded to the location for in-progress CPR on an elderly male patient. Officers kept the man stable until the fire department arrived. The patient was transported to the hospital.

Vehicle prowl – 13200 blk of 47th Pl. W.

Caller reporter her unlocked car was prowled overnight. Nothing was taken.

Assault – 10800 blk of Harbour Pt. Blvd.

The suspect punched the victim in the face several times, causing minor cuts and bruises. The victim said he was assaulted because he was dating the suspect's ex-girlfriend. The suspect fled the scene and was not located. Officers cited the suspect and mailed it to him.

Theft – 4600 blk of 80th St. S.W.

Caller reported the fog light on his truck was stolen overnight. There are no suspects.

Suspicious – 46th Pl. W. and 47th Pl. W.

Caller reporter there were two suspicious males going door-to-door asking for food. Officers contacted the subjects and they told the officers they were homeless, and thought people might give them free food at Christmas time. Officers filled out FIRs on them and the pair agreed to leave the city.

Suspicious – 4800 blk of 71st Pl. S.W.

An officer responded to the location after reports that several individuals were walking around the neighborhood.

Alarm – 4300 blk of Harbour Pt. Blvd. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a motion activated alarm at the location. Upon arrival, the office located an unsecured door on the east side of the building. Officers searched the business and found nothing suspicious. A subscriber arrived and reporter that they have been having problems with the door.

Paper service – 7000 blk of 44 Pl. W.

An officer served a subject with a temporary protection order.

Information – 8800 blk of 53rd Ave. W.

A caller reported she had been admitted to the hospital and wanted a house check done on her residence. No one should be there, but her son and friend may be there, though they weren't supposed to be. Officers checked the residence, found the son and his friend there. The son said he and his mother agreed he could stay until the end of the year. The reporting party was advised and said her son could stay.

Alarm – 4900 blk of 76th St. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a living room motion activated alarm at the location. Upon arrival, the officer found the home was secure, and a cat was visible in the living room. The officer left an alarm notice on the front door.

DUI – 12700 blk of SR-525

Officers were dispatched to a suspected DUI driver in a gray minivan heading north on SR-525 from the location. The caller reportedly observed the subjects drinking alcoholic beverages inside the vehicle with children inside. An officer located the vehicle and performed a traffic stop. The driver did not appear to have been drinking and there were no alcoholic beverages visible.

Theft – 1200 blk of Hill St.

An officer was dispatched to a SNOPAC transferred call about packages stolen from the callers front porch. The caller reported this was the second time this had happened this week and suspected a neighbor might have stolen the package. Prior to the officers arrival, dispatch advised the caller had called back, staying police were no longer needed and that the package had been located at a neighbors house where it had been delivered in error.

Suspicious – 10200 blk of SR-525

Officers were dispatched after a report that a 23-year-old Hispanic man with no identification was outside the location asking people to buy him liquor. The subject was reportedly sitting in a burgundy or maroon Chevy Suburban. Upon the officers arrival, the subject and vehicle were gone. Staff at the location told police they refused to sell him alcohol without a valid ID.

Warrant arrest – 3900 blk of Harbour Pt. Blvd. S.W.

Officers were dispatched to a suspicious circumstances complain at the location. The caller saw a white Ford pickup with two people in the bed of the truck with no jackets on (it was very cold). On arrival, officers contacted two subjects inside the cab of the pickup. The pickup, a white F150, was registered to one of the subject's father. They explained they had locked the keys inside the cab and had entered the truck through the unlocked rear window. One of the subjects had an arrest warrant out of DOC for escape community custody and was booked at the SCJ.

Dec. 25

Suspicious – 600 blk of Front St.

A caller reported a vehicle with it's headlights on and someone possibly digging with a shovel in the park. Neither a vehicle or shoveled was located.

Suspicious – 11100 blk of Chennault Beach Rd.

The reporting party advised her husband hadn't returned home from work yet. She said he is known to do this from time to time. She said she would call back if she had more information.

Found property – 4500 blk of 76th St. S.W.

The reporting party found mail addressed to a different house. It appeared as though someone had stolen mail from several unsecured mailboxes in the neighborhood.

Agency assist – 5800 blk of 111 Pl S.W.

Skagit County dispatch requested officers contact the registered owner of a vehicle in the Mukilteo area. Skagit County found the license plate of the vehicle at the scene of a hit and run. The officer found the vehicle was sold to a subject in Skagit County two weeks ago. Information was passed on to Skagit County.

Theft – 12000 blk of Wilmington Way

The caller reported a package was stolen off her porch sometime the day before between 3 and 9 p.m. There was approximately $270 worth of REI products stolen.

Disabled vehicle – 1200 blk of Mukilteo Ln.

A drivers CV joint broke, disabling his car at the location. A private tow arrived and took the vehicle and drive home.

Disabled vehicle – Harbour Pt. Blvd./Possession Way

A driver stopped his vehicle in the center turn lane because his check engine light illuminated. The driver added water to his radiator and went on his merry way.

Alarm – 700 blk of 2nd St.

Officers responded to an alarm at the location. It was determined to be a medical alert alarm that was investigated and cleared by the fire department.

Dec. 26

Suspicious – 10800 blk of 53rd Ave. W.

A caller reported a suspicious male walking his dog and standing in a neighbor's driveway reading a newspaper. The male was gone on arrival.

Warrant arrest – 84th St./Paine Field Blvd.

An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding and found the driver had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants from Mill Creek and was driving with a suspended license. He was cited and booked into Snohomish County Jail.

Alarm – 4800 blk of 131st St. S.W.

An audible alarm covering the living room of the location was activated. An officer contacted the homeowner who had just arrived. He said his cats were inside the home and may have tripped the motion sense. Nothing else suspicious was found.

Embezzlement – 11700 blk of SR-525

The reporting party had questions about a fraud incident. The company's main office is located in Lynnwood and Lynnwood Police already took an initial case report, but later found out the embezzlement actually took place in the Mukilteo office. Mukilteo Police received a copy of the report and will follow up.

Unwanted subject – 13200 blk of 46th Pl. W.

A caller reported her son was at her house, asking to stay. She did not want him there and did not think he would leave. When officers arrived he was already heading out with friends.

Vehicle collision – 92nd St./SR-525

Officers responded to several reports of a blocking collision in the area. Unit 1 attempted to make a left turn onto 92nd St. from SR-525 and was hit by an oncoming car driving southbound on SR-525. There were no injuries reported. Driver of Unit 1 was cited for failing to yield.

Theft – 4900 blk of 101 Pl. S.W.

The reporting party advised her daughter stole her debit card and had withdrawn $300 in cash.

Alarm – 12600 blk of 54th Ave. W.

An officer checked on an alarm at the location. The homeowner inadvertently activated the alarm.

Traffic complaint – 4600 blk of 88th St. S.W.

A caller reported that a loud stereo had been playing at an elderly couple's residence since Monday. The residence was secure and it did not appear that anyone was home. A portable stereo on the kitchen counter was playing music.

Dec. 27

Vehicle prowl – 5000 blk of 84th St. S.W.

A caller reported her vehicle was prowled overnight while parked in front of the location. An unknown suspect stole some change, CDs and bank receipts. The reporting party was very upset and said it was the third tim her car had been prowled. She believed that the subject might have a key because there was no damage and she believes it was locked.

Cyber stalking – 13000 blk of 42nd Pl. W.

The reporting party said someone posted an obscene ad about her and her sister on Craigslist and she has been getting messages from men inquiring about the ad. She suspects her ex-boyfriend of posting the ad. Craigslist took the ad down.

Hit and run – 10300 blk of Kay Way

A caller reported that a vehicle hit a small decorative fence in front of his house last night and the driver left without identifying himself.

Fire assist – 700 blk of Front St.

Officer responded to an unconscious female in the bathroom at the location. On arrival, the officer discovered that the female drank too much and passed out in the bathtub. The fire department transported her to the hospital.

Public assist – 10500 blk of 47th Pl. W.

An officer responded to the police department to assist two individuals with picking up their concealed weapons permits.

Theft – 11700 blk of SR-525

Officers responded to the report of two juveniles that stole alcohol from the location. They were not located.

Disturbance – 3800 blk of Harbour Pt. Blvd. S.W.

A caller was upset at another driver because when he stopped at the gas pump, he put a board behind his tire. The caller said he did not feel the vehicle was safe and yelled at the driver. The officer determined the other vehicle was safe to drive and calmed the situation.

Suspicious – 12800 blk of Beverly Prk. Rd.

A caller reported there was a suspicious vehicle driving in the area. The vehicle was gone on arrival.

Suspicious – 4400 blk of 85th Pl. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a report of a suspicious young man wandering around in the cul-de-sac. The complainant followed the young man to the 4800 block of 76th St. S.W. where the officer met them both. The young man cooperated and identified himself. He said he'd been out for a run and got tired and was looking for a short cut home. There was no evidence of any crime and the officer met with the subjects parents to tell them what happened.

Accident – 700 blk of Front St.

Officers were dispatched to a vehicle/pedestrian collision with no reported injuries. Upon arrival, officers determine there was no collision. The pedestrian was startled when a vehicle backfired up the roadway and almost struck her. A passerby called 911 because they thought the elderly woman had been hit. The caller thought the driver was intoxicated. All parties were contacted and the driver was not intoxicated.

Traffic complaint – 12600 blk of SR-525

An officer was dispatched after a report of a grey Ford Spectrum driving erratically. The vehicle was not located.

Traffic complaint – SR-525/Beverly Prk. Rd.

An officer performed a traffic stop on a vehicle and cited the driving for driving with a suspended license.

Theft – 12100 blk of SR-525

Two wallets were reported stolen from unlocked lockers at the location between 4 and 7 p.m. The first victim reported his wallet contained his driver's license, Chase bank card and $300. The second victim said his wallet contained his KHS school ID, $63, a Whidbey Island Bank saving account card and fishing license. There was no suspect info.

Choking – 6000 blk of Ironwood Ln.

An officer was dispatched to a report of a 3-year-old year turning blue and not breathing. Before arrival, the child was reportedly coughing and a normal color was returning to her lips. The officer arrived on scene and the fire department attended to the child who had apparently choked on a grape. Aid transported the girl to the hospital.

Suspicious vehicle – 10900 blk of 53rd Ave. W.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a suspicious white Ford van parked in a cul-de-sac with lights on dim. Officers contacted the vehicle operator and confirmed the driver was picking up her daughter at a friend's house

Arrest – 3900 blk of Harbour Pt. Blvd.

An officer contacted two subjects in a suspicious tan 1991 Ford Explorer parked at the location. One of the subjects told the officer he had an outstanding arrest warrant. The subject was arrest on three felony warrants (escaping community custody, attempted burglary and failure to appear for possession of methamphetamine). He was booked in the SCJ.

Public assist – 11800 blk of SR-525

An officer contacted a very intoxicated subject walking in the parking lot at the location. The subject agreed to go to Snohomish County Triage Center. After he provided a PBT sample of .297, the officer transported him to the hospital for detox and medical approval to be referred to the Triage Center.

Alarm – 11700 blk of Cyrus Way

An officer was dispatched to an alarm at the location covering the NW double doors. Upon arrival, the officers found the alarm was still sounding and the business, including the doors where the alarm came from were secured. A subscriber arrive and provided access to the business. Nothing suspicious was found.

Attempted vehicle prowl – 5700 blk of 112th Pl. S.W.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a woman walking up and down the street trying door handles on vehicles. Officer contacted the woman in the 5800 bloke of Harbour Heights Parkway. The caller positively identified the woman and reported seeing her trying to open several vehicle doors, including his own. The females responses to questioning were erratic and she appeared unaware of her surroundings. It appeared she may suffer from a mental illness, but it was unclear. She was arrest for attempted vehicle prowling and book in SCJ. It was later found she had an arrest warrant out of Seattle PD for assault. The jail was advised and warrant cleared.

Found property – 5500 blk of Harbour Pt. Blvd.

A passerby reported seeing a small pink child's bike leaned against a light post near the location. The officer located the bike and found it was in poor condition and it's serial number checked clear. The officer moved the bike to a nearby complex.

Dec. 28

Blocking – 11700 blk of SR-525

While on patrol, an officer located a disabled vehicle at the location. The officer stood by while the motorist got their vehicle out of the roadway.

Collision – 10700 blk of SR-525

An officer was dispatched to the location for a two vehicle, non-injury, non-blocking collision.

Road rage – 3700 blk of Harbour Point Blvd. S.W.

The reporting party came to the police department to report being involved in a road rage incident with another motorist at the location. The reporting party said the other driver stopped abruptly in the middle of the road, got out of his car and yelled obscenities at her. Officers contact the other driver at his residence and he was still highly agitated and denied any wrongdoing, claiming the entire incident was the reporting party's fault. Officer tried to get the reporting party to provide a written statement for reckless driving charges for the other driver, but she refused to provide one.

Fire assist – 12700 blk of SR-525

Officers were dispatched to the location for a male yelling inside of the store. Officers contacted an extremely intoxicated male who gave no explanation for what he was doing there. The male agreed to go to the hospital for an evaluation and detox, as he was unable to care for himself in his current state. He was transported to the hospital.

Missing/found person – 10200 blk of Harbour Pl.

Staff at the location reported a dementia resident had been missing since 1 p.m. While officers were on scene preparing to start a search of the building, the resident was located in the dining hall. She had not left the facility, but had been in a friend's room. She was fine and there were no problems.

Suspicious vehicle – 11700 blk of SR-525

An employee at the location reported a suspiciously parked vehicle in their parking lot, blocking other vehicles. Officers attempted to contact the man at his residence, but no one answered the door. The officer advised the business that they could have the vehicle towed if they desired, as it was parked on private property.

Traffic complaint – 84th Ave./SR-525

Officers were dispatched to two SNOPAC transferred 911 calls about a possible road rage incident involving a red Mercury Cougar. He was reportedly leading out of the car window, yelling at people and passing several cars in the turn lane. One caller reported that he had sped past ferry traffic while honking and turned into the parking lot at a nearby restaurant before pulling out and honking some more. Officers checked the area and his residence but did not locate him or his vehicle.

Warrant arrest – 12400 blk of SR-525

An officer performed a traffic stop on a vehicle and arrested the driver on two arrest warrants for driving without a suspended license, out of Everett PD. He was booked into SCJ and issued a citation.

Noise complaint – 4500 blk of Harbour Pt. Blvd.

Officers were dispatched to a report of 4 or 5 people stomping around with loud music, screaming, yelling and party noises going on. The complainant wasn't sure which unit the noise was coming from. The officers checked the area, but found no signs of any loud party.

Noise complaint – 5600 blk of 88th St. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a report of a loud party near the location with a lot of people. The party had reportedly been going on all evening. The officer contacted subjects at a small adult gathering who were singing loudly to music. They agreed to quiet down.

Malicious mischief – 8800 blk of 44th Ave. W.

While on patrol near the 5100 block of 92nd St. S.W., an officer's patrol car was struck by an egg thrown from a passing vehicle. The officer detained the vehicle and it's five juvenile occupants just as other officers were being dispatched to a report of several parked vehicles having just been egged at the location. The juveniles admitted to the egging activity and each of their parents were notified. The case was referred to a juvenile prosecutor.

Found person – 8100 blk of SR-525

While on patrol, the officer contacted a subject and four of his companions. The subject was listed as a missing person out of Vancouver. The subject had apparently left a Vancouver drug treatment facility early and had been reported missing. The subject's parents had reportedly been the ones to retrieve him and were aware he was no longer there. The subject's mother has a DYC appointment on Monday related to his failure to complete treatment. The subject's mother and treatment facility were contacted. The mother said she didn't want the subject home and believed he had a DYC warrant. The subject was released and his missing entry was removed.

Alarm – 10600 blk of 47th Pl. W.

An officer responded to an audible alarm at the YMCA. The alarm was apparently coming from the skate park entry door. The building appeared secure and nothing else suspicious was observed.

Dec. 29

Alarm – 4500 blk of Harbour Pt. Blvd.

An officer was dispatched to the office at the location for an audible alarm. The officer contacted an employee who accidentally set it off. There were no problems.

Warrant service – 4900 blk of 102nd Pl. S.W.

Officers attempted to serve two misdemeanor arrest warrants on a subject at the location. No one answered the door.

Suspicious – 800 blk of Washington Ave.

A neighbor walking through the area thought they heard someone tapping on a window at the location. An officer checked and did not find anything suspicious.

Suspicious vehicle – 3900 blk of Harbour Pt. Blvd.

An employee at the location reported an occupied suspicious vehicle parking in the parking lot since last night. Officers contacted two subjects in the vehicle. Neither subject had a good explanation as to why there were there, but appeared to be heroin users. They were told to leave.

Vehicle prowl – 5000 blk of 84th St. S.W.

A caller reported his vehicle was prowled sometime overnight. There was no damage and nothing was taken.

Traffic – 88th/SR-525

Officers were dispatched to a report of a DUI driver heading northbound at the location in a pickup truck. The complainant stated the driver of the pickup was likely intoxicated and was driving at varying speeds and almost struck a minivan. Officers contacted the registered owner of the vehicle at his residence and found no evidence he was driving under the influence.

Party complaint – 4900 blk of 95th St. S.W.

Officers were dispatched to a report of yelling and screaming in the unit below the complainant's that had been going on for about 30 minutes. Officers contact the subjects in the downstairs unit who were making some loud yelling noises. The subjects had been playing a loud game of Charades. They agreed to quiet down.

Disturbance – 11100 blk of Chennault Bch. Rd.

Officers were dispatched to a complaint from a resident that a man in the unit below them had been pounding on the complainant's front door and hitting his ceiling. The complainant didn't know why the man was doing this, but said she had reported the man to the management several previous times for similar behavior, including him yelling at her when she walked by. Officers attempted to contact the unidentified man, but he did not answer the door. Officers suggested the complainant notify the management again.

Disorderly conduct – 600 blk of Front St.

Officers were dispatched to a report of an intoxicated man and woman harassing people near the park bonfire pits who were openly consuming alcoholic beverages and associated with a silver Honda Civic. When officers arrived, they contacted two very intoxicated subjects at the vehicle with open containers of alcohol in plain view. When officers attempted to speak with the two subjects and detain them for liquor violations, the male became verbally hostile and physically threatening to officers. The male was handcuffed and continued to yell profanes and make threats of violence towards the officers. The man was arrested for disorderly conduct and continued struggling and yelling at officers while three times reaching back, grabbing at one officer's holstered firearm. En route to the jail, the man threatened the transporting officer, saying he was going to murder the officer, rape his wife and kill his children when he got out of jail. The man was booked for felony harassment and disorderly conduct and both the man and woman were issued citations for liquor violations.

Malicious mischief – 6400 blk of Pinehurst Ct.

An officer was dispatched to a report of trash cans turned over and laying all over the street. The officer's response was delayed 20 minutes due to higher priority incidents. Upon arrival, the officer did not find any turned over trash cans, which many have been cleaned up by residents.

Vehicle prowl – 12600 blk of Hummingbird

Officers were dispatched to the area for a report of a suspicious black Honda Accord with a loud muffler accompanied by two white males in their 20s who were trying vehicle door handles. The vehicle was last seen headed northbound on Eagles Nest Drive and was not located. An officer located a vehicle that appeared to have been prowled. There was no answer at the residence and the officer left a card for contact.

Suspicious – 11700 blk of SR-525

An officer was dispatched to a report of several subjects with backpacks walking around inside the location suspiciously. The officer contacted the four subjects who were cooperative and consented to a search of their backpacks, which revealed no concealed store merchandise. The subjects were just shopping, but acknowledged how their behavior might have attracted management's attention.

Commercial burglary – 11100 blk of SR-525

Officers were dispatched to an office motion alarm at the location. Officers observed a subject walking around inside the locked fenced area and inside the office. The subject initially escaped capture, but was located a short distance away after containment was established with the assistance of local agencies. The subject was a former disgruntled employee, fired for stealing and he was arrested for burglary. He had damaged much of the business office after forcing open the front door and was in the process of stealing numbers items, including a safe, prior to being interrupted. He was booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

Dec. 30


Theft – 4600 blk 74th St. S.W.

A caller reported a UPS package containing two blenders and a slicer was stolen sometime on Dec. 28 after 11 a.m.

Suspicious – 2100 blk Clover Ct.

A caller reported his parked vehicle was egged overnight. The caller believes it might be his ex and wanted the incident documented.

Vehicle Recovery – 5700 blk 104th Pl. S.W.

A caller reported an unoccupied red Honda Civic had been parked at the location for more than a week. The vehicle was found to be listed as stolen. The vehicle was processed and an officer contacted the registered owner, who retrieved their vehicle. The vehicle removed from stolen status.

Suspicious – 56th Ave. W. & Chennault Beach Rd.

A caller reported a red Hyundai Sante Fe sped through the neighborhood, stopped in front of his house, and that he heard screaming coming from the backseat. An officer contacted the vehicle and occupants at their home. The occupants had an argument, but nothing physical occurred.

Suspicious Vehicle – 900 blk 4th St.

A caller reported a suspicious truck with wood side panels drove by her home very slowly. She is concerned because of the recent burglaries in the area. An officer checked the area and confirmed there was no actual crime.

Suspicious – 8th Dr. & Goat Trail Rd.

A passer-by reported an older man was shouting about Boeing and his ex-wife and women in general, saying he ran out of gas. Officers found that his vehicle was blocking a driveway. The man eventually returned later with gas and moved his car.

Harassment – 1500 blk Mukilteo Ln.

A caller advised he had been receiving harassing phone calls. A subject had been recently kicked out of the caller’s restaurant in Everett and had called him to yell at him. The case is under investigation.

Juvenile Problem – 600 blk Front St.

A caller reported juveniles climbing up the “indian statue” near the playground area and taking photos of each other. Officers contacted the subjects and determined that no damage was done to the statue.


Suspicious – 11800 blk SR-525

An officer checked the area for a subject on a skateboard near the back door at the location. Employees stated they asked the subject to move on, but he refused. He told officers he was waiting for a friend and agreed to wait elsewhere. There were no problems.

Property – 4900 blk 81st Pl. S.W.

A caller reported finding mail in the apartment complex dumpster. Some of it had an Everett address and he notified Everett police. The Everett Police Department took the mail and advised him to contact Mukilteo police. A couple of other pieces were generic “junk mail” and appeared to have been thrown out.

Extra Patrol – 12100 blk SR-525

A caller requested extra patrol at the location, as his truck’s battery died and the truck was to be parked at the location overnight.


DWLS 3 – 40th Ave. & SR-526

A officer issued the driver a citation for driving with a suspended license.

Suspicious – 900 blk Goat Trail Loop Rd.

Officers contacted subjects who were reportedly photographing the residence after knocking on the door and asking if a subject lived there. The subjects were reportedly trying to serve the resident with court documents and it was determined that resident no longer lived at the location.

Assist Fire – 600 blk Front St.

Officers assisted the Fire Department with an intoxicated subject at the location. The subject was contacted and it was reported that he was a diabetic. He was evaluated and cleared by the aid crew on scene. He was then given a courtesy transport to a restaurant near his residence.

Fireworks – 5100 blk 81st Pl. S.W.

An officer checked the area for subjects lighting off fireworks. They were not located.

Suspicious – 7000 blk 49th Ave. W.

Officers checked the area for some juveniles who had parked near the location and then ran down the trail toward the schools. No one was located.

DUI – 11700 blk SR-525

An officer stopped the driver for a moving violation and it was discovered that she was driving under the influence. The driver was arrested, processed with breathalyzer results of .015 and .015, cited and released. The vehicle was impounded.

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