Lynx, snowshoe hare stories told

Feb 05, 2014
Photo by: Daniel J. Cox The mysterious lynx and its favorite meal, the snowshoe hare, will be revealed at a show on Feb. 20 at the Northwest Stream Center.

Deep in the forest of the Pacific NW, one of the world’s most beautiful cats is on the hunt for its elusive prey.

Those deep forests are where you can often find University of Washington Wildlife Science Professor Aaron Wirsing tracking that cat – the lynx – who is often on the trail of a snowshoe hare.

Aaron captures lynx, attaches radio collars, and follows them around the mountains.

At 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 20, 5th graders to adults are invited to join Aaron at the Northwest Stream Center in Snohomish County’s McCollum Park (600 –128th Street SE, Everett – driving directions:

The show will begin deep in the North Cascades.   There, Aaron will describe the life history of Lynx – how long they live, their size and features that distinguish them from bobcats, how far they range, where mothers den and a glimpse of kittens, and their favorite food - the Snowshoe Hare.

The very fast-paced life history of the hare will also be presented along with the complex and very mysterious web of life in deep forests.

Since both the lynx and snowshoe hare are linked to snow, find out the impact that this winter’s low snowpack will have on the predator and prey.

Aaron will be presenting his lynx and snowshoe hare research in an entertaining fashion with remarkable photo images. So, be prepared not only to learn a lot, but have some fun along the way.

This Streamkeeper Academy program is sponsored by Snohomish County Parks and Recreation and the Adopt A Stream Foundation.  Reserve a space by calling 425-316-8592.

$5 for Adopt A Stream Foundation members; $7 for non-members.  Proceeds benefit Streamkeeper Academy.

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