Make a phone call in your mother’s name | Letter

May 04, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I find myself full of memories and a quandary.

My mom was exceptional (shouldn’t every child feel this way?), and I loved making things for her on Mother’s Day and celebrating the love in our family. She was the center of this love.

Now with her gone, I think about her and know she would want every mother to have the opportunity to live out their lives.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, with 289,000 mothers dying each year from preventable causes.

Enter the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, which aims to end these tragic deaths, along with those of nearly 6 million children each year.

So my answer for honoring my mother on this special day, is to honor all mothers by calling my representative and senators, asking them to pass this bill. My mom would have liked a card saying that I did this in her name.

Why not join me, perhaps you can still give your mother the card, and if the kids help, they learn about democracy at the same time!

Willie Dickerson,


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