Make pedestrian safety a priority over outdoor café | Letter

Aug 20, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

This is an open letter to Mukilteo officials:

I’m extremely disappointed that you have spent time developing an outdoor café model/private-public land swap that benefits one restaurant that could be argued is a fix for issuing a building permit on park property.

All of this at the detriment of fixing pedestrian safety issues for those trying to walk to Lighthouse Park. I hope you’ll at least consider these issues before moving forward.

Next Wednesday, I challenge each of you to park your cars at Rosehill Community Center and walk to the Mukilteo Farmers Market.

When you do, pay attention to the following safety issues that exist.

Walking down from Rosehill, did you stay in the crosswalk at 3rd Street and Lincoln Avenue or did you take a shortcut and step over the ADA curb? Was it easier to just walk in the street? If you stayed on the sidewalk, did you notice the plant holder that impedes pedestrians?

Did you choose to go down the narrow 41-inch sidewalk on the ferry side of the SR-525 bridge or did you risk just crossing to the sidewalk on the other side?

Did you instead walk up to 5th Street and cross at the crosswalk? Once you got to the other side, what did you think of the sidewalk and street slopes?

If you crossed the bridge on the ferry side, were there others coming the opposite direction? Did you have to walk in the ferry lane to pass each other?

Were you at the ferry dock intersection when cars were loading or unloading the ferry? If so, at which crossing did you feel most comfortable?

Was there anyone at the intersection managing ferry, Lighthouse Park and pedestrian traffic?

If you crossed in front of Diamond Knot, did you notice how narrow the sidewalk is there? Were cars parked in such a way that the sidewalk was impinged upon?

Did you wonder why the crosswalk in the parking lot is across three parking row outlets (creating the potential for pedestrian/vehicle conflicts) instead of along the curb?

Did you find it easier/safer to cut behind Diamond Knot and through the commuter parking lot?

Many of us have all but given up when we see the city work on priorities masked as outdoor cafés, which are nothing more than a coverup for mistakes.

I suggest fixing at least some of the safety issues first, and not creating the impression that you are favoring one specific business. Unless you really are.


Kevin Stoltz,


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