Make senior programs a Mukilteo priority | Letter

May 28, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

This is an open letter to Mayor Jennifer Gregerson:

I have an excellent addition to your list of priorities as mayor [“Mayor’s priorities list update,” The Beacon, Mayor’s Message, page 4, May 14]. The one glaring omission is your senior population!

We have big needs not being filled. For instance, our “senior center” has been way overlooked. Please carve out some funds from your budget for us.

I have lived here long enough (over 24 years) to remember the original agreement between the city and the Mukilteo Seniors about their place at in the new Rosehill Community Center.

Moved from the old Rosehill’s basement, we were promised we would again have multiple rooms and a kitchen dedicated to much-needed senior programs. The idea was, Rosehill would serve as a senior center, much like the centers in Lynnwood, Edmonds and Everett, to name a few.

Instead, we have one room available to us today, with no kitchen and no storage space. (The basement, by the way, had more square footage.)

It is shameful that our seniors have to drive out-of-town and support these other municipalities’ senior centers to meet their needs! We have almost nothing – and it is my understanding that we have again lost ground.

Our dedicated space, as it turns out, is no longer ours. The Christiansen Room was available to us rent free for four hours once a month for our pot lucks.

However, if we should want the room another time, and it is available, the Mukilteo Seniors would have to pay for it at the prevailing rental rate!

There isn’t enough allotted space or time at Rosehill to accommodate our needs. We are unable to have fellowship on a daily basis or to expand our programs. We no longer have the availability to operate our thrift store, as we did in the old Rosehill building.

This is an injustice to our rather large, taxpaying senior population. We should have been fully funded long ago, aligning with the original agreement.

The beautiful, new Rosehill, with the spectacular views, was built three years ago to service the needs of our community. It is not!

It is my hope for you to take this concern to your heart. Address this long-standing need; right the wrong. Our senior population deserves no less! Mukilteo deserves no less! We need a fully developed and functioning senior center.

With regards,

Barbara Williams, Member,

Mukilteo Seniors

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