Man charged with murder a suspect in other attacks

By Sara Bruestle | Sep 25, 2013

A Mukilteo man charged with murder for an Everett stabbing is now accused of knifing two more in Seattle.

Derek Donnelly, 32, reportedly likes to refer to himself as a “stick-up kid” and has a reputation for robbing at knifepoint for drugs. He is now a suspect in a Seattle stabbing from Dec. 4, 2011.

Two women, ages 60 and 54, were stabbed during a residential robbery. Both women had cuts to their faces. One woman suffered a punctured lung and broken ribs, and the other was stabbed in the back.

After receiving a tip that Donnelly was involved, police interviewed him when he was booked at the Snohomish County Jail on an unrelated arrest.

Seattle police say he never denied being involved – but he did question the strength of their evidence against him, court papers said.

Donnelly was arrested a month later for shoplifting in Bellingham, and booked at the Whatcom County Jail.

At the time, Donnelly was already a suspect in the April 23, 2012, murder of Luis Verduzco in Everett.

The 23-year-old’s body was found next to a garage on West Madison Street in south Everett. He had been stabbed several times.

Donnelly is charged with stabbing Verduzco in the chest and pushing him from a Dodge Durango in an apparent drug rip-off.

A witness reported seeing a young man running down West Madison Street with his face covered in blood, Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Matthew Baldock wrote. The man stripped off his shirt and threw it on the ground around 7 a.m. on April 23, before running out of view.

Verduzco's body was discovered the next day on West Madison Street, off of Broadway.

Snohomish County prosecutors allege that Donnelly and two others arranged a meeting with Verduzco to “bait him,” telling him they wanted to buy methamphetamine. The three of them allegedly planned to rob Verduzco, Baldock wrote.

They reportedly picked up Verduzco at about 4:30 a.m. on Highway 99 and then drove around Everett for about an hour, smoking meth.

Prosecutors allege Donnelly grabbed Verduzco from the backseat, and stabbed him in the chest with a knife, court papers said. Verduzco struggled to break free, and attempted to jump from the moving vehicle. A witness said Donnelly took a MP3 player from Verduzco.

Donnelly then pushed Verduzco from the vehicle. Verduzco was seen stumbling down the street before the Dodge Durango turned the corner and lost sight of him, Baldock wrote.

Donnelly also reportedly said that he had wrapped the knife he used to stab Verduzco in tape and threw it away in a garbage can on 128th Street, court papers said.

A witness told investigators the three of them then drove toward Edmonds, but the Durango broke down, and they left the vehicle on I-5. Before ditching the vehicle, Donnelly reportedly tried to clean up some of the blood with Mountain Dew, Baldock wrote.

Investigators later found blood stains inside a Dodge Durango that had been abandoned on I-5. Mountain Dew cans were also seen inside, court papers said. The vehicle was impounded for a search warrant.

Donnelly is charged with second-degree murder. His trial is scheduled for Nov. 1.

King County prosecutors recently charged Donnelly with two counts of first-degree robbery in connection with the Seattle stabbing.

He has nine prior felony convictions, dating back to 2000, and 28 misdemeanors.

Police initially had arrested two others in connection with the slaying. They were charged in District Court with first-degree murder. Prosecutors later declined to refile the charges.

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