Marine stands for leadership and results | Letter

Oct 30, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Leadership and results is exactly what Mayor Joe Marine has brought to the city in the past eight years and will continue to bring in the future.

Throughout his tenure, the mayor’s leadership has answered and accommodated the residents he serves by challenging himself and city staff, through teamwork, to improve our quality of life.

Under his leadership, the Planning Department’s transparency of all city projects can now be tracked online.

You can follow alongside the process, see pictures of what they are doing, how much was budgeted, how much was spent so far, and the projected end date. It’s an excellent tool to keep everyone up to date on what is happening in the city.

An avenue to help residents understand the budget process, expenditures and revenues, and what causes a ‘gap’. Finance Director Scott James created 'The Budget Calculator!' Any citizen can go online, look at the budget process and create a budget scenario.

Now we have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers in a timely and efficient manner. To better serve us, the challenge was met with teamwork. ‘Welcome to Ask Mukilteo,’ was created. We are the city’s customers and they are our service center.

Mayor Marine was able to take on being the true face and voice for Mukilteo. Council agreed and unanimously approved the need for the mayor’s role to become full time, and they set the salary for that office based on a salary study of surrounding ‘likewise’ cities.

Now, as the full-time chief executive officer and the official and ceremonial head of the city, Mayor Marine continues full speed ahead to get things done.

Marine, with the help of so many, moved longtime sleepy projects from just being talked about to actually moving forward.

He brought Mukilteo to the forefront as a role model in fighting commercial passenger service at Paine Field and champions for aerospace manufacturing jobs and training to be located here in our city.

Mayor Marine's leadership and proven results do speak for themselves loud and clear.

We are Mayor Joe Marine’s priority, and that is why he has been elected to serve these past eight years. Let’s vote to keep him on for another four more years.


Kris and Dwight Tolley,


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