Meet our summer intern, Ian Davis-Leonard | Editor's Note

By Brandon Gustafson | May 23, 2018
Photo by: Brandon Gustafson Ian Davis-Leonard is the new summer intern at the Beacon.

Expect to see a new byline in the Beacon papers for the next few months!

We at Beacon Publishing are really excited to welcome our summer intern, Ian Davis-Leonard, to the Beacon family.

Ian is going to be helping out in our editorial department for the next few months.

He just finished his sophomore year of college at Gonzaga University, where he is studying journalism and is a news editor for their newspaper, The Gonzaga Bulletin. He wrote both about hard news as well as sports, so we will be using his wide experience to help better our papers for the next couple of months.

Ian graduated from Everett High School in 2016 and knows the area fairly well. Soon enough, he’ll know the city like back of his hand.

We expect some great things from him over the next few months.

So, let’s get to know him a little better.

Ian is an avid baseball fan, and like myself, loves to talk about the Mariners. And, as a Mariners fan, that means for better or worse.

On Monday we talked about the recent Robinson Cano suspension and what that means for the rest of their season, and what they can and should do with Dee Gordon moving forward.

I showed him the waterfront and told him some information about the ferry terminal project and what exactly the city, WSF, and WSDOT are doing with that.

Thankfully, that background information helped with his first story for the Beacon.

I took Ian to his first Mukilteo City Council meeting on Monday, where he had to sink or swim and turn around a story on pedestrian safety in the waterfront project for today’s paper.

Ian will have a full first week, with his first byline being in today’s paper, in addition to sitting through some interviews with myself, and covering some high school State Playoff games this weekend. Luckily, he’s covered sports at Gonzaga and will help lighten the load for David Pan, our sports editor.

I know it’ll be nice having someone closer to my age working in the office, especially if it means we can talk baseball.

I know we here at the Beacon are all really excited to see the kind of work Ian turns out for us in the following months, and hopefully you all can enjoy the work he has to offer.

If you have a story idea for Ian, email him at, or call us here at the office (425-347-5634) and ask for him. I’m sure he’ll love to hear from you! Feel free to send story ideas to me, and I can pass them along to Ian as well.

I know I really enjoyed my internship at 710 ESPN during my senior year of college, and that I learned a lot from it, so hopefully Ian learns a lot from us here as well.

Look for his byline over the next few months!


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