Mukilteo: A beautiful, diverse place

Sep 04, 2013
Mukilteo seventh grader Katie Ross is the winner of the 2013 Mayor for a Day essay contest.

Katie Ross, a seventh grader at Harbour Pointe Middle School, is the winner of Beacon Publishing's fourth annual Mayor for a Day essay contest. Read her contest-winning essay here. -Ed.

The word Mukilteo means “good camping ground.” It’s a beautiful place surrounded by nature. Mukilteo embraces nature as its child. There are many reasons to love this city. Accessibility and diversity are just the beginning.

First of all, Mukilteo is situated in the best spot. The 5 and the 405 freeways are easily accessible and public transportation is also available straight through downtown Seattle.

In addition, we have a ferry that goes to Whidbey Island. Living here makes commuting convenient.

Not only that, there are parks and trails nearby to go to: Tails and Trails Dog Park, Mukilteo Lighthouse Park, Japanese Gulch and trails, the Big Gulch trail and more.

Furthermore, we’ve got the Puget Sound as a friendly neighborhood and a green atmosphere accompanying it.

I love to bike just for fun during the day. In the afternoon, I always see people walking their dogs or going for a run. This is comforting to see; knowing that other people enjoy the outdoors, like me.

The best part at dusk is feeling the cool breeze with a hint of evergreen and enjoying the view of the sunset ending its journey to nestle on the Puget Sound. It’s beautiful, and I always want to whip out a camera and record the fuchsia color fading away.

Finally, a city may be great in beauty, but nothing makes it better without its diversity.

It’s valuable for many people with different races to live in the same place because you get to learn about other cultures and their perspectives of life.

This specifically helps me because I learn to respect others and not to be judgmental. As an old saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Here’s a recipe for Mukilteo:

First, in a large green space, evenly scatter plants and animals. Second, press down the history and different nationality of the people. Next, in a separate bowl of glowing life, blend until smooth the Puget Sound, beautiful homes and great education. Then, spread the mixture onto the green space. Finally, sprinkle peace, love and happiness. Enjoy for many years to come!

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