Mukilteo lucky to have Emery | Letter

Oct 23, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

I urge you to re-elect Mukilteo City Councilman Richard Emery to a second term in office.

For a town with as many blessings as Mukilteo, our city is hardly blessed with active voters.  Our publicly elected officials could be voted into office by special interest groups and the uncaring, due to low voter turnout.

That’s why we’re lucky to have Richard among our elected officials.  He’s a local business person, active with his family in school and community affairs, and has helped make it possible to preserve the natural wonders of Japanese Gulch for Mukilteo’s future.

He’s a thoughtful, involved legislator who takes his civic responsibilities seriously, qualities we will need as the city faces some major changes: among others, the state ferry landing renovations and the development of the waterfront.

In November, vote for Richard Emery and help keep our city’s future in responsible hands.

Skip Ferderber,


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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Oct 26, 2013 15:27

I second that motion!

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