Mukilteo’s full-day kindergarten kicks off Sept. 11

Aug 30, 2017

Beginning Monday, Sept. 11, the Mukilteo School District is excited to offer free full-day kindergarten for the first time, thanks in part to a new Pathfinder Kindergarten Center.

Construction crews with BNCC, Inc. of Steilacoom, Washington, are currently working to finish the district’s kindergarten-only school behind Fairmount Elementary on Beverly Park Road. It will hold about 550 students.

The district’s full-day kindergarten program is funded by the state to provide children with the time they need to develop their skills in all areas so each child has a stronger foundation for success in school in the years to come.

All kindergarten classrooms in the district will take part in WaKIDS – the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills. In order to develop a strong home-school partnership and to help make the transition into kindergarten a smooth one, it is important that families and teachers have a chance to get to know each other.


Parent-teacher conferences

Kindergarten students will not go to school during the first three days of the regular school year – Sept. 6-8.

Instead, each student and his or her family will meet with the kindergartener’s teacher in a special private conference. This private appointment is designed as a time when the child’s family can get to know the teacher and for the teacher to get to know the child’s family.

During that conference, family members will be able to talk with the teacher about what the child likes to do and doesn’t like to do. The teacher will ask what dreams and goals the parents might have for their child’s education, and parents will have a chance to talk about how they want to be involved in their child’s learning. There also will be time to discuss ways to ensure a smooth start to the school year and the years to follow.

To schedule a time for a conference, call your child’s school to schedule an appointment.

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