Mukilteo students better prepared for college than peers

SAT scores for Class of 2017 above state, national averages
By Nicholas Johnson | Oct 04, 2017

Students in the Mukilteo School District’s class of 2017 outperformed their peers on the new SAT college entrance exam – statewide and nationally – according to results released last week.

Scores on the new test, which debuted in 2016, range from a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 1,600, combining the results of two 800-point sections: evidence-based reading and writing (ERW), and math.

The average scores among the class of 2017 nationally were 533 in ERW and 527 in math for a total average score of 1060. Average scores statewide were 536 in ERW and 531 in math.

That’s according to results released Tuesday, Sept. 26, by the College Board, a not-for-profit that develops and administers the SAT.

Some 445 students in Mukilteo schools took the exam last school year. On average, students scored 573 in ERW and 571 in math for an overall average score of 1,144.

Average scores were highest among the 263 Kamiak High School students who took the exam. The average in ERW at Kamiak was 598, and the average in math was also 598. That brings Kamiak’s total average score to 1,196.

Some 179 students at Mariner High School took the exam, resulting in average scores of 540 in ERW and 536 in math. That brings Mariner’s total average score to 1,076.

Three students at ACES High School took the SAT, but average scores were not made available.

About five out of every eight public school students in Washington’s Class of 2017 – 40,379 in total – took the SAT, which is used by many colleges and universities in determining admission and placement in courses. This is a 1 percent increase from 2016 participation rates.

“Washington students typically score above the national average on SATs,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal said. “While testing is only one measure of student success, the fact that more students are willing to take the exams is a testament to the quality of teaching we have statewide.”

The College Board determined benchmark SAT scores. Students achieving at least the benchmark scores have a 75 percent chance of earning at least a “C” grade in a first semester, credit-bearing college course.

For ERW, the benchmark is 480; for math, it is 530. About 72 percent of Washington students in the Class of 2017 met the benchmark in ERW, and about 52 percent met the benchmark in math.



Advanced Placement exams

Some 619 students in the district also took a total of 1,127 Advanced Placement (AP) exams, resulting in scores of 3, 4 or 5 on some 740 of those exams. There are 38 AP exam subjects, including World History, Biology, and English Language and Composition, among others.

A score of 3 means a student has proven themselves capable of doing the work of an introductory-level course in a particular subject at college. While a score of 3 represents “qualified,” a score of 4 represents “well qualified” and a score of 5 represents “extremely well qualified.” Many colleges and universities grant credit and placement for scores of 3, 4 or 5.

Some 327 students at Kamiak took a total 693 AP exams, and 576 of those exams received a score of 3 or better. Some 272 students at Mariner took a total 414 AP exams, and 164 of those exams received a score of 3 or better. Some 20 students at ACES took AP exams, though none received a score of 3 or better.

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