Mukilteo will pay for this boondoggle | Letter

Nov 06, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

I was very impressed by your Op-Ed, "Tough decisions," regarding the Tank Farm transfer [The Beacon, Our View, page 4, Oct. 30].

This relocation will become a $160-$180 million parking lot. Not included in that figure is Joe Marine's signature multi-million dollar robotic three-story parking garage for Sound Transit to add to the rest of the parking in the ferry's new location.

Guess who gets to pay for this? We do. That's right, we will end up paying the bill for this unsightly boondoggle on our waterfront.

I bought my home here specifically because of the the waterfront's natural beauty with Mukilteo's small town charm. When I spoke with Joe Marine about planning a more aesthetically pleasing development with a pedestrian board walk and shops, he said we already have that at Lighthouse Park.

The ferry relocation will not take traffic off Mukilteo Speedway because it will still be one road in and one road out with an added red light. There is not a plan in place at this time for a suitable way out without going back onto SR-525.

That is why Joe Marine wanted to leave an option open for a road down Japanese Gulch in the city’s Comprehensive Plan, but it was voted to be removed by the majority of the council vote (thank goodness).

What you may not know:

Mukilteo will still have the same traffic on SR-525, and with the additional traffic signal just over the bridge, it will lead to more congestion coming back up the hill.

Pedestrians will have to cross a four-lane highway to get to Lighthouse Park and other areas of the waterfront.

Mukilteo will become one big parking lot for all the people passing through but not bothering to shop or eat here because they are in a hurry.

More than likely there will be additional traffic through the residential neighborhoods in Old Town.

Of course, state taxes and fees to to cover this fiasco will have to be raised. The state has to have funding to make this ferry relocation plan work.

Get ready for that 10.5 cent gas tax, which will fund the new ferry terminal. It's waterfront development that only benefits commuters, leaving us limited access to the waterfront in the redesigned Tank Farm plan.

In my opinion, there are no development plans in place to benefit Mukilteo, such as a tastefully designed business plan and pedestrian boardwalk.

It would be better to leave the Mukilteo ferry where is it with new improvements. It is never too late to make your voice heard, even though others will tell you differently.

Most importantly, you can contact the Washington State Senate Transportation Committee, which is developing a transportation budget now to express your concerns.

Christine Awad Schmalz,


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