Mukilteo’s first official pot shop opens

Kushman’s Cannabis represents 1 of 2 state licenses allotted to Mukilteo
By Nicholas Johnson | Sep 27, 2017
Photo by: Nicholas Johnson Kushman’s Cannabis opened Thursday, Sept. 14, at 11110 Mukilteo Speedway along the west side of Mukilteo Speedway. It’s the first recreational marijuana shop to open in Mukilteo since state voters passed an initiative in November 2012 legalizing the production, sale and use of marijuana. Kush Pointe, located on the east side of Mukilteo Speedway, is technically not inside Mukilteo, but rather unincorporated Snohomish County, meaning it’s not subject to the city of Mukilteo’s regulations.

Five years after state voters legalized marijuana, Mukilteo finally has its first pot shop – technically.

Of course, Kush Pointe has been open since July 2016. Both shops are located along the Mukilteo Speedway, but Kush Pointe is not actually within Mukilteo because it sits on the east side of the city’s major north-south thoroughfare adjacent to Paine Field airport in unincorporated Snohomish County.

Kushman’s Cannabis, which opened Thursday, Sept. 14, is located on the west side, at 11110 Mukilteo Speedway.

When the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board held a lottery in April 2014 to determine which applicants would get a limited 334 state licenses to sell cannabis products, unincorporated Snohomish County was allotted some 16, and the owners of Kush Pointe got one of them.

The state board initially allocated one license for Mukilteo. Then, in December 2015, it announced another 222 licenses would be made available statewide to coincide with plans to integrate the medical marijuana marketplace into the recreational market. That resulted in another 16 licenses for unincorporated Snohomish County and a second license for Mukilteo.

The owner of Kushman’s Cannabis, a Mukilteo resident who declined to give his name due to concern that his involvement in the marijuana industry could negatively affect his other businesses, said he not only received that second Mukilteo license, he also received two others. He used one of those to open a store by the same name along Hwy. 99 in Lynnwood, and he’s using the other in an ongoing effort to open a shop in Everett.

“My goal was always to open a shop in Mukilteo,” he told the Beacon, noting that he won the licenses because he had been operating the Medicine Men medical marijuana dispensary along Hwy. 99 in Lynnwood.

Unlike Kush Pointe, Kushman’s must not only satisfy the state’s regulations but also those of the city. As it does for all businesses, Mukilteo requires marijuana shops to get a business license. It also requires that they locate within the commercial business zone on the south end of the city, generally along the Speedway between Harbour Pointe Boulevard Southwest to the south and Chennault Beach Road to the north.

City Council Position 1 candidate James Yoo, who owns Ace Metal Company at 11110 Mukilteo Speedway, said he agreed about a year ago to lease retail space on his company’s property to Kushman’s.

“My place happened to be zoned for that,” Yoo said, noting that he is the company’s landlord and otherwise has no financial interest in it.

The owner of Kushman’s said he’s excited to bring quality cannabis products to the city he’s called home since 2005.

“We’re just getting ramped up,” he said.

Kush Pointe, located at 11811 Mukilteo Speedway, has seen its monthly sales grow from about $50,000 in August 2016 to $125,000 during August of this year, according to state records.

But what happened to the other Mukilteo license? It was held by Mukilteo Cannabis Co. until last month, when it was discontinued. It’s one of a handful of retail licenses that will eventually be re-issued, said Mikhail Carpenter, a spokesperson for the state board.

“Typically these businesses sell their license,” Carpenter said. “It’s not too common for a licensee to discontinue their business.”

And although Mukilteo’s zoning rules allow state-licensed marijuana growers and processors to set up in light industrial areas, none have yet to do so.

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