My American Hero | Letter

Jan 08, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

To me an American hero is somebody who stands up for others, fights for freedom and fairness for all people, who puts their lives at risk and even dies fighting for our nation.

A hero helps out in their own community and goes the extra mile. A hero serves his or her country. My American hero is my grandfather.

When my grandfather was a boy he asked his neighbor what it was like to be a Marine, and his neighbor said, “It’s the best service in the world.” He was proud of being a Marine because it gave him a chance to serve his country.

He became a policeman after the Marines and served two communities for over 20 years as a detective. He taught women how to protect themselves and helped put lawbreakers in jail.

My grandfather continues his commitment to community today. He shares his patriotism and raises money to benefit groups such as disadvantaged women and children.

“I think everybody, everybody should serve their community in some way or somehow for a year or two. Any responsible citizen of the United States should get involved,” said my grandfather. I agree with him.

My grandfather was a hero in the Army and is one today. To me he is a role model who stands for this line in our U.S.A. Constitution, “provide for the common defense,” so he’s my true American hero.

Kunal Renjen,

Mukilteo Elementary

A student at Mukilteo Elementary, Kunal Renjen was a winner in the VFW Post #8870, Edmonds, annual Student Essay Contest for students living in the Edmonds and Mukilteo school district boundaries. Kunal wrote this essay about his grandfather, Thomas Yost, of Edmonds, on this year’s topic, “My American Hero Is…?” -Ed.

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