My silent hero | Letter

Jun 04, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Politicians, sports players, movie stars and business leaders – they are all in the limelight and are usually successful and wealthy.

I see beggars standing by the curb with all kinds of signs asking for money. Even cute signs begging for money for a cigarette or a beer. I have no idea if they need help and rarely give them any money.

The other day, I saw a person who was having trouble walking and using a makeshift cane on their right side, and leaning heavily on it to stay upright, and was also pushing a cart with their left hand and headed for our local Fred Meyer’s.

It wasn’t until later that I thought about paying more attention to this person who seemed to be saying, “I may be disabled, but I can managed on my own, thank you.”

Anders F. Jacobsen,


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