National views play no part in city government | Letter

Oct 30, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

An open letter to Robert Knoll, manager of the Randy Lord for Council Campaign:

I read with interest your letter to The Beacon on Oct. 23 [“Worried about Taylor’s other political views,” Letters, page 7], expressing your fear that certain political beliefs that I hold mean that I intend to bring "D.C. style dysfunction" and "unnecessary ideological debates" to the City Council.

This seems to me to be very odd, since partisan political issues are irrelevant to city business.

At the council, the issues debated are not constitutional, but local. The job of Congress is to protect our freedoms while performing its constitutionally-permitted duties.

A councilmember's job is to advise and assist the mayor in running the city in a non-partisan, prudent and thrifty fashion.

The United States is governed by a body of law, at the top of which is the Constitution. I favor the removal from office any official who disregards his oath to uphold it, regardless of party affiliation.

Millions of people across the United States share my concerns and views about this and other issues, and there are many of them right here in Mukilteo.

My national views have only one relationship to my campaign for council: At the national level, and at our local level, I want prudent government within its legal bounds, fiscally responsible to taxpayers, and not dominated by special interests.

I have never witnessed partisan politics at play on the council. This is a non-partisan race and I have not and will not bring partisan issues into it.

The council is full of good men and women, Randy Lord included, who wish to be involved, not in partisan politics, but in the management and good governance of our city.

Is that not what we all should want for the politically and ethnically diverse population of Mukilteo?

You mention that Randy has “bi-partisan support.” This is admirable, but it is also an illustration of the whole problem; it presumes that there are only two sides to every issue, only two parties, only two points of view.

I am an independent and think for myself. This is what we need at every level of government, and especially on our City Council.


Fred Taylor,

City Council candidate,

Position 3

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