Nearly 1,500 go to Mariner’s Harvest Fest | Letter

Nov 13, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Harvest Fest at Mariner High School was a great success!

The plethora of smiles we encountered during this Halloween event was immense. Nearly 1,500 people came to Mariner this year, which is an even greater turnout than last year.

Though, the number of people that came is dwarfed in comparison to how many cans we collected! The National Honors Society collected $87 at the door and more than 11,000 cans for the Canned Food Drive to benefit the Everett Food Bank.

Mariner is slowly starting to make its own community.

Harvest Fest is not only an event where kids can have a fun time and enjoy themselves on Halloween, but it brings the community together even for just one night.

We hope to keep Harvest Fest going strong throughout the following years at Mariner.

If any of you have kids, it is definitely a place to check out next year! Even if you stop by for a half hour and donate even one can, it will help.

I don't believe one kid came out of the school disappointed or empty handed.

And, to The Beacon, I cannot express my gratitude for the calendar notice you put in the paper [“Harvest Fest,” Around Town, page 14, Oct. 30], because a tremendous amount of people would not have been informed of the opportunity and wouldn't have come, if it wasn't for your help!

Thank you so very much!

Bianca Bayas,

Harvest Fest,

Mariner High School

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